Operation and Organization

A. Operational Steps

I. The Archive

  1. Accumulate
  2. Preserve
  3. Catalog

II. Identify physical Archive locations

(Note: as items are scanned as graphics, original copies are nice to have but are not absolutely necessary.)

III. Contact those with zines in potential danger for donation or copying to archives:

  1. of loss by decay of originals
  2. of loss by lack of interest or by age/death
  3. point out that donations to FANAC Inc. are tax deductible
  4. promote the project to reach wider potential group of fans, especially those not already known to us, including:
  5. a. First Fandom
  6. b. Univ. that are no longer interested in their collections
  7. c. Promotion by flyer at cons
  8. d. Promotion in apas
  9. e. Promotion on-line through news group, mailing lists, email signatures

IV. Identify the most rare items by priority for

  1. scanning
  2. indexing
  3. non-acidic physical preservation
  4. photocopying for other physical archives
  5. limited access to originals by public.

V. Place items in physical archives.

VI. Scan zines for:

VII. Index zines

VIII. Publish lists of newly acquired zines on-line
IX. Make copies available at nominal charge.
X. Publish an annual publication devoted to fanhistory including:

B. WWW Site

Concept: Establish the FANAC/MagiCon FanHistory Web Site with two major areas:

Area 1: an open location where any fan can upload material they think would be fanhistorical interest (within legal and tasteful limits) as text or graphic files. Editors will regularly review uploaded material to check pertinence and for possible incorporation into the formal section.

Area 2: A more formal area which will be devoted to organized sections of specialized interest. Each section will have at least 1 editor responsible for it.

Possible projects:

C. Organization:

I. Staffing:

A. Committee (3 people) to:
B. Committee (3 people) to:

II. Editorial Board:

To be set up so that no single person will be responsible for something that can hold up the entire site.

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