Howard DeVore's Business Cards

Big Hearted Howard DeVore is fannishly reknowned as a Huckster of anything and everything related to SF.

If Howard doesn't have it, he can get it! If Howards hasn't heard of it, it doesn't exist! If it doesn't exist, Howard will make it up!

As a fannish sideline, over the years Howard has expressed his affectifon for fandom and friends and produced some special business cards for himself and even for a few select "friends". These business cards show the wide range of interests (dirty), and humor (low) of one of the famous father figures of fandom. Or maybe it just reflects the fandom he helped create.

Here we bring you a selection the business cards Howard has produced with his own hands. He wouldn't trust these to a commercial service. Besides some of them a service wouldn't have printed way back then.

WARNING! If you find innuendo and crudity objectionable, don't offend your tender sensibilities by going further.

-- Joe Siclari

Part 1 – General Photos 1

Part 2 – General Photos 2

Part 3 – General Photos 3

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