FANAC Fan Histories


A History of Canadian SF Fandom

by Garth Spencer.

A short outline of the history of GDR fandom

An excerpt from a paperback written by three East German fans and translated by Thomas Recktenwald

Berichte aus der Parallelwelt
(Reports from the Parallel World)
Die Geschichte des Science-Fiction-Fandoms in der DDR
(The History of the Science Fiction Fandoms in the GDR)

An Egocentric and Convoluted History of Early "Filk" And Filking

by Lee Gold, March 1997
This essay originally appeared in the ConChord 12 Songbook.

Don Ford's CFG meeting diary from 1947 & 1948

Dutch and Flemish fandom, fifties and sixties || Right ||

An article by Jaap Boekestein, in English, about Dutch and Flemish fandom in the fifties and sixties.

Fan History Outline - 1960's

Richard Lynch's outline for a work in progress.

Nineteen Somerset Place

A description by John Foyster of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club's clubhouse that was located on Somerset Place during the 1960s.


Memories of the first Worldcon by Milt Rothman, Fred Pohl, Bob Madle, Dave Kyle and others. Phoxphyre is edited by Lew Wolkoff.

THEN By Rob Hansen

THEN is Rob Hansen's history of British science fiction fandom. The material covers the 1930s through the 1970s.

Little Fandom That Could

Bill Patterson's memoir of Arizona fandom, leading up to the 1978 Worldcon, Iguanacon.

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