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l01-025.jpeg[72KB] [Updated]
A cleaned-up scan of a page-size screened photo print of Forry Ackerman & Trina Robbins, undated but obviously old. c1950s
l01-026.jpeg[85KB] [Updated]
Bruce Pelz, Fred Patten
Ackermansion - Arthur K. Barnes, dining room west. ??? in rear, in mirror.
Bryce Walton and Ross Rocklynne.
Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury, Forry Ackerman, Mrs. Harryhausen; Lytton Center for the Visual Arts, 1968 or 1969
Bill Rotsler 1980; party at the Nivens'
George Langlaan, author of THE FLY.
Actor Kirk Allyn, 1975. He first actor to play Superman
Ackermansion #1 Forry wearing Bela Lugosi's topcoat.
l01g001.jpeg[35KB] [New]
Special effects artist Paul Blaisdell and Lori Nelson "reading" German SF pulp, Utopia Magazine.

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