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May 25, 2019
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! In the US, it's the unofficial start of summer. For your beach reading pleasure, we have added fanzines from both sides of the pond, and across multiple decades.

--Novae Terrae, edited by M. K. Hanson, issues 23-27, as well as the supplemental pages for issue 27. These issues are all from 1938, and include a 48 page anniversary issue. Associate editors include Arthur C. Clarke and William Temple. Jack Speer has an article in the anniversary issue titled "Why Fandom?" It's still worth reading. As with the other issues, these were provided by Rob Hansen from his OCR project and delivered to Corflu 2019 by Bill Burns.

--Opus, edited by Max Keasler, issues 2-6, 1952. There's a lot tove here. There's the continuing "All Our Yesterdays" by Harry Warner Jr, columns and articles by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Harlan Ellison ("Cleveland Fandom - First Year") and a quirky feature called "About This Picture" in which a skiffy illustration is paired with an explanation that is funny or outrageous or a combination. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

--Psychotic, edited by Richard E. Geis. Issue 5 from 1953. Remember, the Psychotics are in the SF Review index along with other Geis titles.

--Spacewarp, edited by Art Rapp, issue 100, October, 1972. This is the 25th anniversary issue, and a 104 page behemoth. There's a useful list here too - page 3 has a checklist of Spacewarps to date -  . There are reprinted articles, other checklists, poetry, art and cartoons. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

--Timebinder, edited by E. Everett Evans, issues 1, 4 and 6 from 1944-1946. Serious and constructive. Very serious. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

--Umbra, edited by John Hitchcock, issue 8, August 1955. Book reviews, fanzine reviews, fiction, editorials. This is ditto. Joe Siclari for the scan and judicious punch-up so it's more readable. Thanks Joe.

--Warhoon, edited by RIchard Bergeron. Issues 1, 5, and 11 from 1952-1961. Issue 1, page 6 is not upside down. Issue 11 has a piece by John Berry. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Yandro, edited by Buck and Juanita Coulson. Issue 84, January 1960. This issue has a 13 page art section and some innovative page numbering. There are no pages missing, but the numbers aren't contiguous. I've numbered the art section ("Yandrart") as A1, A2, etc. Contributions by MZB, Ted White, Gene DeWeese and others. In particular, art by George Barr, Dan Adkins, Bjo Wells (aka Trimble), Juanita Coulson, George Scithers and others. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

May 24, 2019
I've fixed some errors on the site thanks to help from John Boston and Rob Hansen who pointed them out. If you see a problem, even if it's a small one, please let me know by sending a message to . Thanks to Rob, I've corrected the editor's name on Caustic Square Bullshooter - part of the December '43 FAPA mailing, and thanks to John, I've corrected the page ordering on Terry Carr's Lighthouse 5. Thanks to you both.

We have a few new additions as well.

--Aporrheta, edited by Sandy Sanderson. Issues 6, 15, 17 from 1958-1960. Contributors include: Bob Tucker, Frank and Belle Dietz, Joy and Vince Clarke, Dean Grennell, Bill Rotsler, ATom, and John Berry.

--Full Length Article #6, Jack Speer, 1965. Titled "The Breenigan After One Year". Too soon?

--Opus, edited by Max Keasler. Issue 20, January 1953. This is our first issue of Opus, but the last of the fanzine I believe. On Max Keasler: Lee Hoffman said of him, "Max was the personification of Sixth Fandom in America: young, witty, enthusiastic. He openly avowed that he never read science fiction. He blazed across the fan skies, speaking in interlineations, publishing monthly, filling the world with Ray Nelson drawings. Then he disappeared." 

--Psychotic, edited by Richard E. Geis. Four issues: 11, 22, 25, 27 from 1954 (issue 11) to 1968. Sample contributors from issue 27 - Bill Rotsler, Ross Chamberlain, Harlan Ellison, Greg Benford, Jack Gaughan, and John Christopher. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

--Sky Hook, edited by Redd Boggs. Issues 14 (1952) and 20 (1953). Skyhook was nominated for the Best Fanzine Hugo in 1956 and the Retro for Best Fanzine of 1954.

--Spacewarp, edited by Art Rapp. Added issues 22, 109. We had had text versions of some others, but have now also added scans of issues 34, 35, 36, 38, 42, and 109. Spacewarp was nominated for the Retro for Best Fanzine of 1951.

--Texas SF Inquirer, issue 24 (edited by Scott Merritt), and issue 55 (edited by Brad and Cindy Foster). Provided by Pat Virzi and and scanned at Corflu 2019. We are still working down those scans.

We have added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 37, No. 47, that was sent to us by Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Thank you both

May 23, 2019
For your fannish entertainment today:

Completed runs:

--Oopsla, edited by Greg Calkins - I thought this was complete before but Sam McDonald pointed out that there was an interim issue after 29 and before 30. That one is now online as well, so we ought to be well and truly complete on Oopsla. Thanks Sam! Joe Siclari for the scan.

--Pong, edited by Ted White and Dan Steffan - In a massive feat of scanning, Joe has provided the remaining 35 Pongs and now we have a complete run. Thanks Joe!

More of a good thing:

--A Bas, edited by Boyd Raeburn. Issues 5, 6, 8 supplemental (2 pages), 10, and Volume 3, Number 3. I can't figure out which issue is V3, N3. Does anyone know? From internal evidence, I place it at July, 1954, but I don't know the whole number. Help. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

--Canadian Fandom 21, June 1954, this issue edited by Gerald Stewart. Intended for distribution at the Mid-West Con. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

--Goon, but Not Forgotten  by Jack Harness, October 1959. Scan by Joe Siclari. This was pubbed in 1959. The Goons of TV fame released an album by the same name (with the addition of an ellipsis) in 1967. There are some puns that cannot be avoided. The Goon Show ran from 1951 to 1960, so perhaps Jack reused the title.

--SF Commentary, edited by Bruce Gillespie. We've added issues 10-14, all from 1970. George Turner, John Foyster, Harry Warner, Bill Rotsler, etc. Scanning by Mark Olson

We have updated the Fanac Names Cross Reference. There are currently 27,571 names in these listings.

May 22, 2019
More good stuff today in no particular order. From the 1970s, we have 4 more issues of Mike Gorra's Random. These are issues 1-4 from 1974, and issue 4 has an Egoboo Poll for 1973-1974 and lists voters and votes for Best Fanzine and Best Fan Writer. Who won? Outworlds was the best fanzine and Susan Wood was the best fanwriter. You can see the entire poll at Scanned by Joe Siclari.

The next is, I think, a new title for us today. We've added 6 issues of Pong, edited by Ted White and Dan Steffan. An early 1980s fanzine (except for issue 41), it was a key fanzine for its commentary and wit. Issue 41 scanned by Dan Steffan, and the rest by Joe Siclari.

More Peons  too. We have added 14 more issues: 1, 3-6, 8-11, and 17-21. Edited by Charles Riddle. These date from the late 40s to early 50s.

We've added 3 more issues of John Berry's SAPSzine Pot Pourri, including issue 1. (We've added 1,5, and 6.) In the first issue, you can feel his excitement over finally getting into SAPS. It's charming. Scans by Joe Siclari.

May 21, 2019
First, we have more Oopsla, edited by Greg Calkins. These are issues 4 issues today. We have issues 13-14, 16, and 30, from 1954 to 1961. Issue 30 has contributions from: George Barr, Walt Willis, Dean Grennell, Bob Bloch, Harry Warner Jr, Bob Tucker and Greg Calkins. Oh, and the art credits are really good too: Dan Adkins, Richard Bergeron, Jack Harness, William Rotsler, and ATom. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

Next we have more Psychotics, including some early ones. Issues 8 and 17 are from 1954, and issue 23 from 1968. Psychotic was one of the titles that Dick Geis used, and you'll see on the index that they are listed with SF Review and Alien Critic. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

Finally, we've added the first 9 issues of Bruce Gillespie's SF Commentary. SF Commentary is serious and constructive, and there are unexpected (to me, anyways) contributors like Stanislaw Lem. Scanning by Mark Olson.

George Phillies sent us a PDFs of May 2019's issue of The National Fantasy Fan Federation's The National Fantasy Fan. Thanks George.

May 20, 2019
Just two titles today, but both of them are outstanding.

First, we have another 11 issues of Lighthouse, edited by Terry Carr and Pete Graham. Beginning with issue 10, Terry's name is the only one that appears as editor. Lighthouse was nominated twice for the Hugo for Best Fanzine. Contributors include Walt Willis, Terry Carr (of course), Jack Gaughan, Don Wollheim, Ted White, Pete Graham (of course). For issue 15, the TOC reads like a wishlist of contributors - Chip Delany, Carol Carr, Gahan Wilson, Fritz Leiber, Damon Knight, Tom Disch, Pat Lupoff, Joanna Russ, Harlan Ellison. And now it's online at  and you can read it whenever and wherever you want. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

Next, we have another 6 issues of Oopsla, edited by Greg Calkins. Thanks to the scanning of Joe Siclari, we've added issues 1-5, and also issue 5.5. This last was done for Walt Willis, put together to raise money for the fan fund to bring him to the US and Chicon II.

Dale Speirs sent us a PDF of issue #443 (3.9 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

May 19, 2019
I ran out of time to post an update yesterday, so this is actually for yesterday and today. Today's fanzines come from 1935 to the late 1960s, so I will attempt a chronological list.

--Membership list of the Society for the Prevention of Wire Staples in Science Fiction Magazines, March 1935, presumably by Don Wollheim. For the original material on the Staple Wars, see the zines in the index of the Polymorphaneucleated Leucocyte. Scanned at Corflu 2019

--Nova Terrae, edited by M.K. Hanson. Issues 19-22, from 1937-1938. As with the other issues, these were provided by Rob Hansen from his OCR project and delivered to Corflu 2019 by Bill Burns. More to come.

--The Timebinder, edited by E. Everett Evans. Issue 2, April 1945. Poetry, personal reflection, letters. Scanned at Corflu 2019.

--Toward Tomorrow, edited by Jimmy Kepner, June 1945. FAPAzine. This issue includes an article on the Social Structure of Fandom. Scanned at Corflu 2019

--Beware, edited by Ken Beale. Issues 1-2 from 1951. The editorial in issue 2 is about how conventions *should be run*, triggered by receiving the first Nolacon material. There's fiction and articles as well. Scanned by Mowgli Assor and and provided by him at Corflu 2019.

--Sinisterra, edited by Wally Weber. Issue 7, Winter 1954. Another from the Nameless Ones, with fiction and articles. Scanned at Corflu 2019.

--Ploy, edited by Ron Bennett. Issues 3-4 from 1955, and issue 12 from 1958. Scanned by Joe Siclari. I believe we are only missing 2 issues to complete the run.

--Ooopsla, edited by Greg Calkins. Issues 20-26, and part 1 of the double issue 28-29. Issue 20 is from Jan 1956, and issue 26 is from March 1959. Contributors include John Berry, Walt Willis, and Harry Warner. Scanned by Joe Siclari.

--Peon 37, October 1956, edited by Charles Lee Riddle. There's an article by James Gunn in this issue, on the topic of getting a mass market for science fiction. It ends with these lines - "The only way to a mass circulation for science fiction is a slow process of education. Bring up a generation that isn't afraid of speculation, that can swallow an idea without getting indigestion." And now we are popular culture. Scanned by Joe Siclari.

--SF Club of London Club Combozine, various editors. These issues for 1960 and 1961. ATom, Vince Clarke, Ethel Lindsay, and others. Scanned at Corflu 2019

--Locus, edited by Charlie and Marsha Brown, issues 11-15, from late 1968. Scanned by Mowgli Assor and and provided by him at Corflu 2019.

May 17, 2019
I screwed up the What's New report yesterday, and gave short shrift to Random, edited by Mike Gorra. Yesterday we added issues 5-10 from 1975. Contributors include Bob Tucker, Terry Carr, Redd Boggs, James Shull, Ray Nelson and others. Ray,of course, invented the propellor beanie. He talks about it in issue 9, in "Birth of the Beanie" -

Today's additions:

--Tomorrow And..., edited by Jerry Lapidus. Issues 8-9 from 1971-1973. Contributors include David Gerrold, Bob Vardeman, Dan Steffan, andy offutt, Mike Gilbert, Richard Bergeron, James Shull, Ted White, Harry Warner, and John Foyster. Scanned at Corflu 2019

--Oopsla, edited by Greg Calkins. Eight issues from the 1950s. Conributions from Walt Willis, Shelby Vick, Richard Elsberry, Bob Tucker, Hal Shapiro, Robert Bloch and more. Scanned by Joe Siclari.

May 16, 2019
Still working through the Corflu scanning (plus a little gap filling).

The gap filling is Innuendo 6, the Innish. This is an 86 page zine, with material by Terry Carr, Ron Ellik, Ron Bennett, Harry Warner Jr. Rich Eney, Pete Graham and the final 3 chapters of Carl Brandon's "The Cacher of the Rye". Scanning by Joe Siclari.

From the Corflu scanning we have:

--A L'Abandon, edited by Jim Caughran, issues 3 and 6 from 1958-1960. Contributions from Terry Carr, Bill Donaho. Random 5-10

--Pirate Jenny, edited by Pat Mueller, issues 1-4 from 1988-1999. Handsome zine out of Texas, with contributions by Teddy Harvia, Richard Brandt, Dennis Virzi, and Brad Foster. Pirate Jenny was nominated for the Hugo for Best Fanzine in 1990.

--Nova Terrae, edited by M.K. Hanson, issues 14, 16-18 from 1937. As with the other issues, these were provided by Rob Hansen from his OCR project and delivered to Corflu 2019 by Bill Burns. More to come.

May 15, 2019
A couple of delightful additions to the usual roster of zines uploaded from the Corflu mass scanning event.

First, we have a transcript of the highly entertaining Guest of Honor speech  that James White gave at Albacon II, the 1983 Eastercon, titled "The Scottish Influence on Sector General". Ian Sorensen provided and corrected the OCR transcript. It's a real pleasure to hear James speak again, and you can hear him when you read the transcript. Thank you, Ian.

Second, thanks to Jerry Kaufman, we now have the script for the Enchanted Duplicator play  that was performed in 1982 at (I believe) Norwescon 5. The adaptation was done by by Shelley Dutton Berry, Gary Farber, and Jerry Kaufman. Thanks Jerry! This is especially timely with the Irish worldcon just a few months away.

On to the fanzines.

-- Everything is Everything, by Gary Deindorfer, March 1972. This is a 2 page rider that was distrubited with Hot Shit  one month. Provided by Grant Canfield, scanned at Corflu 2019

-- Ploy, edited by Ron Bennett, from 1956 - 1959. 9 issues. There are lots of illos, including art from Bill Rotsler, ATom, Eddie Jones, Juanita Coulson. Articles from Lee Hoffman, Terry Carr, Bob Bloch, John Berry, Terry Jeeves. It was fun even to upload them. Voyage 3, Rotsler Art zine, 1974, scanned at Corflu 2019

--Space Diversions, issue 2 (1952) edited by Tom Owens and issue 10 (1958), edited by John Roles. The Liverpool group of the 1950s published this fanzine, edited by one or more of Norm Shorrock, Tom Owens and John Roles. Content by the editor, Walt Willis and others. Art by Eddie Jones. Scanned at Corflu 2019.

May 14, 2019
More Horizons  today. FAPAzine by Harry Warner Jr, from 1954 to 1975. Thanks to Frederic Gooding III who provided these issues at Corflu 2019, we have added issues: 61, 65, 67, 69-81, 83-84, 113-114, 127-141, and 143. If I've counted correctly, that's 36 issues. Thanks also to Joe Siclari who scanned them.

Having led with the massive issue count, now on to lesser issue counts.

--Novae Terrae, edited by M.K. Hanson, 4 issues from 1937: issues 10-13. As with the other issues, these were provided by Rob Hansen from his OCR project and delivered to Corflu 2019 by Bill Burns. More to come.

--The Pendulum, edited by Bill Venable, 1952-1953. Complete run of 4 issues. Redd Boggs, columns by Derek Pickles and Harlan Ellison. Scanned at Corflu 2019.

--Vieing, edited by Wayne Strickland, August 1955. Rotsler art, Terry Carr, Daniel Galouye, Bob Tucker, Charles Burbee. I think this was a one shot. Scanned at Corflu 2019.

--Voice of the ImagiNation 46, September 1945, edited by Forry Ackerman and Morojo.

May 13, 2019
Today's additions:

--egoscan, by Ted White. Issues 6, 7 from 1984. "The Fanzine That Talks About Fans". Scanned at Corflu 2019.

--Texas SF Inquirer, these issues edited by Scott Merritt. Issue 29 and the rest of issue 27. Apparently I had only uploaded part of issue 27 before. Provided by Pat Virzi and scanned at Corflu 2019.

--Hot Shit, edited by John D. Berry and Calvin Demmon. We added the complete run of 20! Many thanks to Grant Canfield for providing the zines to scan. Scanned at Corflu 2019.

--Novae Terrae, edited by M.K. Hanson. Added 5 issues: 5,6,7,8, and 29. These were provided by Rob Hansen from his OCR project, and delivered to Corflu 2019 by Bill Burns.

--Horizons, edited by Harry Warner and published in FAPA. A lot of issues of Horizons were provided by Frederic Gooding III, and we are starting to get them online today. The first batch of 8 issues: numbers 47-51, 53-54, and 60 which are from 1951-1954. Harry was not only prolific but amazingly consistent. One of the most trying parts of putting zines online is to find the number, the date, and often the editor (and the name of the fanzine). Bruce Pelz was a marvel of consistency in making this info easy to find. Harry's Horizons are equally consistent. A very big thank you to Frederic for providing these at Corflu 2019.

May 12, 2019
Lots more fanzines scanned, but first a brief digression. At the end of April, I uploaded Thyme 77, and commented on the unusual inclusion of Thyme Fiction. Kim Huett tells us that a number of issues of Thyme included a fiction supplement while Lync & Clive Newall were editing the newszine. Thanks Kim! I'll keep an eye out so I can note that in the index as we scan more.

Now fanzines. We've added the May issue of Leybl Botwinik's CyberCozen. Thanks Leybl!

Below is today's roster of fanzines scanned or acquired at Corflu 2019 and uploaded. We scanned 3500-4000 pages at Corflu; so far we have uploaded 1700 or so.

--Button-Tack, the Rick Sneary Memorial Fanzine, edited by Len and June Moffatt and John Hertz, 1991. Tributes and writings. Provided by Joe Siclari.

--Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Memoirs, Critiques and Bibliographies, edited by George Wetzel, 1955. Provided by Joe Siclari.

--Innuendo, edited by Terry Carr. From 1956 to 1990, we have added issues 2, 9, 10, and 12. Last update I credited these to the wrong person. They were provided by Joe Siclari. Stellar contributors include Terry Carr, Greg Benford, Harry Warner, Susan Wood, Tom Perry, Carol Carr, Steve Stiles, Grant Canfield, Dan Steffan, Bill Rotsler and ATom.

--Niekas, edited by Ed Meskys and Felice Rolfe. From 1965-1966, we have added issues 11 and 16. These were provided by Murray Moore. Serious and constructive, and enormously long. These two issues total 180 pages.

--Novae Terrae, edited by M.K. Hanson, 1936. We added issues 1 and 4, and will be adding more. These are thanks to Rob Hansen whose OCR project team scanned many British fanzines. He's providing the scans to us. Thanks Rob! You can read a text version of these at 

--Peon, edited by Charles Lee Riddle. From 1949 to 1957, we added issues 7, 30-35, and 38. Contributors include Robert Bloch, Terry Carr, Harlan Ellison, and Jerome Bixby. Provided by Joe Siclari.

--Pot Pourri 2, John Berry, 1958. Includes a Carl Brandon piece. Provided by Joe Siclari.

--Skyhook, edited by Redd Boggs. From 1948 to 1952, we added issues 4, and 13. Provided by Joe Siclari.

--Tomorrow And.., edited by Jerry Lapidus. From 1968 to 1973, we added issues 1, 5, and the Letter and Review supplements to issue 9. Provided by Rob Jackson from the collection of Paul Skelton.

--Twilight Echoes, edited by Joe Fortier. Issue 5 from 1945. "Dedicated to the Liberal Fantasy Mind" . Provided by Joe Siclari.

--Umbra 15, edited by John Hitchcock, August, 1956. Provided by Rob Jackson from the collection of Paul Skelton.

May 9, 2019
Continuing to put up the zines scanned at Corflu 2019. All the zines today are provided by Rob Jackson from Paul Skelton's collection and scanned at Corflu 2019.

-- Innuendo, 1956-1958. Edited by Terry Carr and Dave Rike (later by Terry Carr alone). 5 issues with contributors like Terry Carr, Robert Bloch, Carl Brandon, Harry Warner Jr., Bjo Wells (Trimble?), Bill Rotsler, Ray Nelson, Jack Speer, and Marion Zimmer Bradley. Outstanding stuff.

--Tomorrow, issue 4, Winter 1938. Edited by Douglas Mayer. Published by the Science Fiction Association.

--Umbra, 1955-1956, edited by John Hitchcock. 3 issues with contributors like Larry Stark, Ron Bennett, and Greg Benford.

--Voice of the Imagi-Nation, edited by Forry Ackerman and Morojo. Issues 24, 27 and 33 from 1942-1944. Letters from fandom, with correspondence from folks like Bob Tucker, Tigrina, Walt Leibscher, Harry Warner, C.S. Youd, Francis Towner Laney, Jimmy Kepner, Vol Molesworth, Robert Bloch, Milt Rothman and more.

--Vulcan, edited by Pete Graham and Terry Carr. Issue (August 1952). Features, Fan humor, serious constructive stories, and serious constructive poems. Lots of Terry Carr content.

Also from Corflu, but not a fanzine, we've added to the YouTube channel a recording made by Rob Jackson of the Saturday panel, "The Void Boys Speak!". If you are a subscriber to the FANAC YouTube channel, you may have gotten a notice yesterday. Thanks to Bill Burns, today we are uploading a replacement video of that panel with improved quality. Thanks Rob, and thanks Bill! From the YouTube description: "VOID was a focal point fanzine of the 1950s, and launched the science fiction careers of Jim and Greg Benford. This panel, held at the 2019 Corflu, covers the history of VOID. With original editors Jim and Greg Benford, co-editor Ted White, and with Luis Ortiz (who is publishing a book on the topic) , the panel covers all aspects of VOID. If you are familiar only with the professional careers of Jim and Greg Benford, and Ted White, this video will give you perspective on their fannish careers. The video ends with a rousing rendition of the Void Boys song! Note that the video was streamed live, and there are slides in use showing the VOID covers that are not visible in the video. If you are interested in seeing the covers, or reading Void, check out". You can find the video at: 

May 7, 2019
Corflu 2019 was a delightful fannish oasis from start to finish. Today's update is about Corflu and what is happening next. had put out a request for particular fanzine issues before the convention, and did in fact bring the scanning station to the convention. The Corfluvians came through, bringing fanzines, material support, skilled hands and all that we could hope for. We scanned 3500-4000 pages during the weekend, and received more scans on CD and thumb drive. We are beginning to put them up today. Also was given the 2019 FAAN award for Best Online Fan Activity!

Thanks go to Michael Dobson, Paul Skelton, Ted White, Nigel Rowe, Rob Jackson, Murray Moore, Pat Virzi, Greg Benford, Ian Sorensen, Mary Ellen Moore, Frank Lunney, Jerry Kaufman, Suzle Tompkins, Jim Benford, Andy Hooper, Bill Burns, Rob Hansen, Grant Canfield, Susan Graham, Luis Ortiz, Dan Steffan, Frederic Gooding III, Mowgli Assor, John D. Berry and Rich Lynch. Many more at the convention who aren't on that list have contributed to at other times. This archive is very much a community activity. Thank you all.

Here are the first fruits of the weekend, today in alphabetical order.

--Canadian Fandom, issue 16. July 1949. This issue from 1949 was edited by Ned McKeown. Thanks to Mowgli Assor for scanning it and bringing it to us.

--Hyphen 20, February 1958. Contributions by Bob Shaw, Mal Ashworth, Vince Clarke, ATom, Ray Nelson, Bjo Wells. Provided by Rob Jackson from Paul Skelton's collection and scanned at Corflu.

--Phantagraph 11, July 1935. Edited by Wilson Shepherd, and provided by Rob Hansen, with Bill Burns doing transport. Contributions from Don Wollheim and F. Orlin Tremaine among others. Rob was kind enough to give us the scans that he and his team made in order to provide the OCR'd material on . Thanks Rob! So we have the facsimile version, and go to Rob's site for the text version.

--The Satellite, issues 1 and 2 from 1938. This is the official organ of the Liverpool SFA. Provided by Rob Hansen.

--Texas SF Inquirer, issues 1-2, 4-5, 7, 10, 27-28, 34, 46, 51-52. Provided by (and mostly edited by) Pat Virzi. From a 2 page newsletter to a 28 page fanzine. All scanned at Corflu. Thank you Pat.

--Twig 9, July 1958, edited by Guy Terwilliger. Contributors include John Berry, John Trimble, Dan Adkins and ATom. Provided by Rob Jackson from Paul Skelton's collection and scanned at Corflu.

--Void, edited by Jim and Greg Benford, and later Ted White. Issues 1, 5, 29. Many thanks Jim and Greg for providing issues 1 and 29. Issue 5 was provided by Rob Jackson from Paul Skelton's collection. All were scanned at Corflu. Contributors include the editors and Terry Carr, Avram Davidson, Harry Warner, Alva Rogers, John D. Berry, and Arnie Katz. This completes the run on

May 6, 2019
We're back from Corflu, and have many new scans to put online. The FANAC scanning station was there, and Corfluvians brought many interesting zines to be added to the online archive. Thanks and numbers and zines to follow.

There are a couple of items that we put online before Corflu that I hadn't yet noted by the time we left. First, we've the Chuch Harris Appreciation Society Magazine. Edited by Spike on behalf of Corflu 6, this collection of Chuch Harris pieces was published in 1989. Scanning by Mark Olson.

Adding to the Geis index, we have Psychotic 20  from 1955. Contributions by Peter Graham, Wallac West, Greg Calkins and Bob Tucker. This is from the first series of Psychotic. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

George Phillies sent us PDFs of the May issue of The National Fantasy Fan Federation's Tightbeam, edited by George Phillies and Jon Swartz. This month's Tightbeam comes in three parts (as did last month's issue). Thanks George!

May 1, 2019
Adding 4 more issues of Science Fiction Review  and 2 more issues of Alien Critic (same index) today. These are issues 49-52 of Science Fiction Review from 1983-1984, and issues 6 and 10 of Alien Critic.. Scanning by Jim Harris. Thanks Jim!

Filling in the gaps department (scans by Joe Siclari):

-- Cry of the Nameless issue 2, edited by G.M. Carr from February, 1950. Humble beginnings.

-- Sun Spots, issues 16, 24, edited by Gerry de la Ree, 1940s. Ok, less filling in the gaps and more adding to the list. Fiction, articles, and art.

New titles department:

--Oopsla, edited by Greg Calkins, with 2 issues from 1959. There are articles by Dean Grennell, Ron Bennett, Walt Willis. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Minac, edited by Ted White and Les Gerber. Eight issues from 1963, including Minac 4, the Discon special issue that was joint with Gambit 48. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--SF Critic, by Andrew Porter. Review zine, with five issues from 1967. Scans by Mark Olson

April 29, 2019
Listed under the index for Science Fiction Review, today we've added 3 issues of Psychotic from the late 60s. Articles by Arnie Katz, Harry Warner, Norman Spinrad, Steve Stiles, Ted White and others. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

From the wilds of November, 1939, we've uploaded issue 2 of Larry Farsaci's fanzine Golden Atom. There's an article by Forrest J. Ackerman. Yes, the table of contents lists the middle initial with a period. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

Dale Speirs sent us a PDF of issue #442 (7.2 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

There are 3 new titles today. First, Orcrist, a Tolkien related fanzine from the University of Wisconsin. We have 2 issues up from the early 70s. One is a C.S. Lewis themed issue, and the other focused on the "Medieval Tradition in Modern Literature". Scanning by Mark Olson.

The second new title today is Stu Shiffman's Potsherd  from 1985. There's wonderful Shiffman art, and an article by Moshe Feder. Scanning by Mark Olson.

And finally, we have four issues of Al Weinstein's Ad Infinitum  from the mid 1940s. Some pages are faded, especially in the first issue, but they are mostly readable. Articles by Walt Kessel, Joe Kennedy, Harry Warner, Hoy Ping Pong, and other familiar names. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

April 28, 2019
Today's update is an eclectic mix, and all the scanning is by Joe Siclari. We have two new fanzine titles, plus what I hope are some interesting items.

The first of the new titles is Pluto. We've added 4 issues of this Vincent/Marvis Manning fanzine from 1940-41. Issue 5 has a cover by Damon Knight. There's some poetry, an article referencing a certain H. P. Pong, an article by Forry Ackerman, and a number of contributor names I didn't recognize.

The second of the new titles is a bit of a tangent to our usual material. We have a couple of issues of Lee Hoffman's Caravan. Caravan was a folk music zine rather than science fiction, and has record reviews, an article by Paul Clayton, ads for Electra Records and so on. These issues are from 1958, and the staff photographer is listed as Aaron Rennert. Aaron was living in Port Charlotte towards the end of Lee's life, and was my co-consipirator in delivering my surprise 70th birthday present to her - Happy Birthday, LeeH!.

The Enchanted Duplicator is still loved and appreciated, 65 years after its original publication. We now have 6 versions on line, included a text version. Today we added the original 1954 edition, and the 1971 edition. You can find them all here -

We're also scanning Yearbooks, and are collecting them in one index. Today we added a short one - Tucker's 1944 Fanzine Yearbook. It's a compendium of the fanzines published during the year. Here's your chance to cross check Pavlat-Evans!

The last item on today's update is another Neofan's Guide. Today we added the 4th edition from 1976, edited by Bob Tucker and published by Linda Bushyager.

April 27, 2019
Two new titles today. First, at the suggestion of Greg Benford, we've added some issues (4) of Boyd Raeburn's fanzine, A Bas. This Canadian fanzine was pubbed in 1950s. There's poetry, there are interlineations (some of which sound a little sketchy now), there are articles and there is humor. Thanks for the suggestion Greg, and thanks to scanner Joe Siclari.

The second new title is Varioso  aka Vamp aka SF. Vamp and SF are the previous names, but the numbering is contiguous so we've put them in the same index. There are 8 of them up now - this zine was pubbed by John Magnus, and has articles by Hal Clement, Shelby Vick, Bob Madle, and other 50s stalwarts. Also scanned by Joe.

Today, we fill in a few blanks. First, continuing the Dick Geis zines, we have added issues 39-42, and 47 of Science Fiction Review, courtesy of Jim Harris. These issues are from the early 80s.

We've filled a gap in Izzard  too. Issue 6 is now online. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

For those fascinated by the financial side of fandom, we have an issue of the Business Supplement to the WSFA Journal  from 1967. The treasurer reports an on hand amount of $39.03. Scanning by Mark Olson.

The last of our fill-in-the-blanks today is another issue of Geri Sullivan's Idea. You can now find issue 11 on the index. There's a piece by Dave Langford, and art by Stu Shiffman, Ken Fletcher and Bill Rotsler, among other notables. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

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