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December 2, 2020
If you read our recent FANAC update, you can skip the next 2 paragraphs. Otherwise, please read on.

Get ready for a trip to fannish London! We are planning a series of Zoom Interactive Fan History Sessions, and for our first session, Rob Hansen is going to give us an historic tour of fannish Holborn, London. Rob is probably the most accomplished fan historian writing these days. As most of you know, he has written the history of English fandom, Then and has put together a number of books covering various aspects of British fandom. Find many of them at Reserve the date: Saturday, December 19, 2020 at 11AM EST. Despite the pandemic, Rob has done video recordings around London, and with historic photos and live description will give us a tour that covers some household fannish names and places. He has worked with Edie over the past several months to provide an interesting and fairly detailed coverage of London’s fan heritage. This one hour session is based on tours which Rob has given to individual fans and also developed as a group tour after the last London Worldcon. Even if you have been on one of these tours, you will find some fresh sights and insights. Of course, Rob will be live on Zoom with additional material and to answer questions. Please send your RSVP to, as our Zoom service is limited to 100 participants.

We have created a list of fanzine titles by country of origin. Thanks to Mark Olson’s software, this list will let you sample fanzines from other parts of the world, but don’t be surprised if you find a few familiar names. Fans are slans after all, and not adverse to international relations. You can click on it from the lists of lists at  or reach it directly The current counts of non-US zines: Australia (26 titles), Canada (15), Ireland (14), United Kingdom (99), and other countries have 3 or less.

And now for the updates -

Bibliographic Material:

Fanzine Listings, The Australian Fanzine Database (1939-1975, Kim Huett and Leigh Edmonds. Completed June 2020 year, this is a listing of items held in state and federal library collections, and in Kim's private collection. What a massive amount of work. Thanks go to Kim Huett and Leigh Edmonds!

Bibliographic Publications, The Science Fiction Bibliography, Vol 1, No 1, 1935. Published by W.L. Crawford and D.R. Welch in Austin, Texas this 1935 pamphlet covers both SF and fannish publications. Very old, very cool. Thanks to John Coker III for providing the scan. Thanks John!

Fanzines Added:

--1960s One Shots. The Reader's Guide to Barsoom & Amtor, Dave Van Arnam and Richard Lupoff. This 95 page zine began life as an article with accompanying map. But there were discrepancies in the map, and the Burrough's material just kept growing until it deserved a publication of its own. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Beabohema, Frank Lunney. Added issue #1 (1968) completing the run. Steve Johnson saw it listed on our One and Done Begging List, and provided us with a scan the very next day. Thanks Steve!

--FANAC Newsletter/Updates, Joe Siclari. Not quite a fanzine, but we added the Nov 2020 FANAC newsletter to the archive. Of note, the announcement of our ZOOM Fan History program. Read the newsletter, and RSVP to to join. The first program is a guided tour of fannish London, by Rob Hansen. Thanks Rob! We know it's been a lot of work to get this ready.

--Fan-Dango, Francis T. Laney. Added 5 issues: #8 (Spr 1945), 12-13(Sum-Fall, 1946), 15 (Fall 1947), and 18 (Sum 1948). Fan-Dango is a core zine for us to scan. Issue #13 includes Laney's report on the Pacificon. He himself said that this should be included as an addition to his memoirs in Ah! Sweet Idiocy!. Scan and comment on #13 by Joe Siclari.

--Holier Than Thou, Marty and Robbie Cantor. Added issue #19 from 1984. This 100 page zine has contributions from Taral, John Berry, Mike Glyer, Dave Langford, ATom and others. Scan by Roelof Goudriaan. Thanks Roelof!

--Motley, Jim Benford. Added issues 1-15 (2012-2020) of Jim's perzine done for FAPA. Jim's first fanzine was published in the mid 50s and you should read it. Read this too for the perspective of someone who has been in fandom for 60 years. Thanks, Jim for sending them!

--Munich Round Up. Issues #1 and #2 from 1958 added. These are in German, so if you're interested and you don't speak German, you'll have to use Google Translate to get a sense of the zine. The headline for issue 1? SCHON WIEDER EIN FANMAG. In English, "A Fanmag Again". Thanks to Thomas Recktenwald for the scans. Thanks Thomas!

--Not Science Fantasy News, Vince Clarke. Added issue #2 (Oct 1982). Scan by Roelof Goudriaan. Thanks Roelof!

--fanzines/SF_Commentary, Bruce Gillespie. Added issues 73-75 (Oct 1993). This 120 page zine is marked #73-75. Includes the George Turner Issue and the Paul Voermans Issue. Scan by Roelof Goudriaan. Thanks Roelof

PDF Replacements:

--Hyphen, Walt Willis and Chuck Harris. Replaced all the remaining 19 issues with searchable PDFs: issues 20-38 as well as the Thumbnail of #38 (Shelby Vick), and a TAFF Supplement to #23 (1959). All of the Hyphen run is now searchable, thanks to OCR by Joe Siclari.

November 28, 2020
YouTube Recordings:

--Tropicon 1989 Filk  Today, added part 1 of a video recording of a Filk held at Tropicon in 1989. From the YouTube description: "Julia Ecklar was the special filk guest at Tropicon 8, held in Dania, Florida, in 1989. This recording captures the first part of an open filk at the convention, and includes 10 songs (of which Julia sings four)...You'll see a variety of songs and performers enjoying themselves while making science fiction music." There are links to each song in the list at the end of the description on YouTube.

Fanzines Added:

--1980s One Shots  index added. The first and so far only zine here is from Avedon Carol and Rob Hansen. We've added "Chuch" from 1986. Contributors include Patrick Neilsen Hayden, Dave Langford, Christopher Priest, and Jeanne Gomoll. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Astronaut, Robert Stein and Redd Boggs. Added issue #1 (Sep 1947), completing the run. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--A Child's Garden of Olaf, Ken Cheslin. Added issue #2 (Aug 1989). Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Dynatron, Roy Tackett. Added 8 issues: #1-2 (1960), 4-6 (1961), 8 (1961), 23 (1964) and 26 (1965). Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Eclipse, Ray Thompson. Not the same as the zine put out in the early 40s by the Kuhns. This was a mid 50s zine published in Iowa. We've added issue #19 to the archive. You might enjoy the John Berry article about fanning with a family. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Fantholgies, Collections and Festschrifts, "Hommage a Burbee", Bill Rotsler. From the zine: "FANDOM IS JUST A GODDAMNED HOBBY". The words of Charles Edward Burbee II. Fandom has never had a better motto. In other pages of this unblushing monument you will read what friends of Charles Burbee have to say about him. If you'd like to know how he influenced my life, read on." Scan by Joe Siclari.

--FAPA One Shots, The Inadequate Time Machine, Lee Hoffman (1Q1954). "THE U-MAK-A KIT CO. presents a new treat for the home enthusiast". Scan provided by Rob Hansen. Thanks Rob!

--ffm/ffm ending, Pierre Versins. Added 4 issues of "ffm ending" and one of ffm. This late 1950s genzine was published in Switzerland. Generally considered to be "Fake Fantastic Mystery" although Fancyclopedia reports it could also be "Functional Female Muster". Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Lovecraft Collector, Ray Zorn (1949). Added 3 issues of this title. The issues are short, but there's a contribution from David Keller and one from August Derleth. Scans provided by John Coker. Thanks John!

--fanzines/MT_Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. We've added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 22. Thanks Mark and Evelyn!

--Rataplan, Leigh Edmonds. Added 23 issues of this new-to-us title. Some issues were coedited with others and those are marked on the index page. Rataplan was nominated for a Ditmar award in 1969 and 1973, and won in 1984 (shared with Ornithopter). Scans by Joe Siclari.

--fanzines/SF_Commentary, Bruce Gillespie. Added #104. Thanks, Bruce!

--Tink, Mae Strelkov. Added "The Tinkunaku Event" (Sept 1973). Hecto. In the 1970s. Scan by Joe Siclari.

PDF Replacements:

--Hyphen, Walt Willis and Chuck Harris. Replaced issues 1-8 and 10-18 with searchable PDFs. OCR by Joe Siclari.

November 22, 2020
You've seen some of the updates say "this is a core fanzine for us to scan". We've updated the list, including how many issues we think there are, how many issues are online, and what our percent completion on those titles. If you have better information on the number of issues, or could provide scans of any of the issues that are missing, that would be fabulous. You can find the listing at BTW, there's a phase 2 core list we're working as well.

Fanzines Added:

--Wsfanac/Blatant, Avedon Carol. Added 8 issues of this new-to-us title. The first seven issues of this zine were titled "Wsfanac" and the zine then switched to Blatant. Thanks Avedon! Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Fanthologies, Collections and Festschrifts. Added "The Incompleat Bruce Gillespie, a Selection of Bruce Gillespie's fanzine writing", edited by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks to Bruce Gillespie who provided it. Thanks Bruce!

--Horib, Pat and Dick Lupoff perzine/FAPAzine. Added 9 issues of this new-to-us title. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 21 Thanks Mark and Evelyn!

--The National Fantasy Fan, 11 issues. We've added: V25#2-3 (Don Miller, 1966), V26#4, #6, #7 (Stan Woolston, 1967), V27#1, #4, #5 (Don Miller, 1968), V28#1 (Don Miller, 1968) and V29#2 (Wally Weber, 1969). We've also added the November 2020 issue, sent to us by George Phillies. Other scans by Joe Siclari.

--Resolution, Jackie Causgrove perzine with contributors (1977-80). We have 4 issues, and are only missing #3 to have a complete run. This is going up on our One and Done Begging List. If you have any of the zines on this list and are willing to scan them for the archive, please drop a note to Scans of Resolution by Joe Siclari.

--Salamander, Fred Patten. Added the complete run of 3 issues (all from 1962) along with two complete LOCs from Rick Sneary. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Tightbeam, George Phillies and John Swartz. Added issue #314 (the latest). Thanks George!

--Zed, Karen Anderson. Added issue #782 (Win 1955). Karen mentions that this is issue #12. Includes a Tony Boucher Christmas Carol, and of course contributions from Poul and Karen. Scan by Joe Siclari.

PDF Replacements:

Beabohema, Frank Lunney. Replaced issues #12, 17, 18 with searchable PDFs. Now all the issues we have online are in PDF format. OCR by Joe Siclari.

Outworlds, Bill Bowers. Replaced issues #25 and #48 with searchable PDFs. OCR by Joe Siclari.

Cross Reference: We updated the Fanac Names Cross Reference. There are currently 28,427 names in the listings.

November 18, 2020
Directory: Fannish Who's Whos, Rogue's Gallery (Schwarts and Lazar), 1943. This fannish Who's Who comes with heights and weights. Some pages are harder to read than others, but hey, it's almost 80 years old. Scan by Joe Siclari.

Fanzines Added:

--Beyond, Charles Platt. Added 3 issues: #3, 7.1 and 7.2. All we are missing to complete the run is #1. It will be on the One and Done Begging List. Scans provided by Rob Hansen. Thanks Rob!

--Fantasy News, James Taurasi. Added 4 issues: V2, #15, #20, #21, #26 from 1939. I believe these will complete the 1939 issues. Many thanks to David Ritter who provided the scans. Thanks David!

--ScientiFiction, a publication of First Fandom. Added 28 issues from 2011 to 2018, the earlier ones edited by Joseph Martino, and the later issues edited by John Coker, III. Thanks to First Fandom and John Coker for providing them.

--Gimble, Ted Johnstone. Added issue #3 (Mar 1961), completing the run. This is a Coventry related publication. If you don't know what that means, read the article in Fancyclopedia - Scans by Joe Siclari.\

--Heckmeck, Mario Kwiat and Manfred Kage. Added 6 issues of this new to us title from the 1960s (of which one is actually 1970). The Google translator says that "heckmeck" is German for nonsense. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Kipple, Ted Pauls. Added 11 issues, all from 1963: #36-40, 44-49. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--MT Void, Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 20. Thanks Mark and Evelyn!

--The National Fantasy Fan, 6 issues plus 1 upgraded. The upgraded issue is V9#2 (Apr 1950), now sporting a cover. We've added: V8#3, V8#5 (1949), V9#5 (1950), V19#4a (1960), V21#2 (1962), V22#3 (1963), and V23#2 (1964). V19#4a was a special Pittcon Souvenir issue. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Nite Cry, Don Chappell. Added issue #11 (May 1956). Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Opuntia, Dale Speirs perzine. Added 2 issues: #487 (7.2 MB) and #488 (5MB). Thanks Dale!

--Outworlds, Bill Bowers. Added 3 issues: #19-20 (1974) and 24 (1975). Outworlds is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scans by Joe Siclari today.

--Sikander, Irwin Hirsh. Added 15 issues: #1-14 (primarily from the 1980s) to complete the run. It really is 15 issues - there's a #9.5 in there too. Irwin has been contributing scans of all kinds of zines to the site. It's nice to be able to add his own zine to the list. Scans for these issues done by Joe Siclari.

--Tangent, Lee Hoffman. Tangent was a FAPAzine that Lee did in the early 1950s. In her first issue, uploaded today, there are contributions by Walt Willis, F.T. Laney, Charles Burbee, Marion Bradley and LeeH of course. Scans provided by Rob Hansen. Thanks Rob! It's a treat to get more of LeeH.

November 15, 2020
Pubs Added:

--Booklist, Ron Holmes. This is not the same as the Booklist sheets that were distributed with Rosenblum's Futurian War Digest, but this Booklist was for the BFL- the British Fantasy Library. A new title for us, we've added issue #8 (July 1948). Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Fantasy Commentator, A. Langley Searles. Added issue #33 (Win 1983). Contributors include Sam Moskowitz, Lloyd Eshbach, George Wetzel and others. Fantasy Commentator is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Gallimaufry, Joni Stopa and Dave Locke. We've added the complete 2 issue run of this mid80s genzine. Contributors include Mike Glicksohn, Andy Offutt, Paul Skelton, Larry Tucker, and Harry Warner, Jr. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Kenning, Jackie Causgrove. Add 10 issues (early 1980s) of this new-to-us title. Kenning was a perzine distributed through FLAP - the Fannish Little Amateur Press. Jackie Causgrove was a co-founder, along with Dave Locke. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Kipple, Ted Pauls. This is a new title for us, and we've added 18 issues from the early 1960s along with one hoax issue. Contributors include Len Moffatt, Marion Bradley, Bill Bowers, Ted White, Richard Bergeron, Harry Warner Jr. and Terry Carr. There's an article by Robert Ebert in one of the issues of this fanzine, but I didn't spot it. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the latest issue of this Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 20. Thanks Mark and Evelyn!

--The National Fantasy Fan, 6 issues. 1 issue: Feb 1966, edited by Art Hayes. 5 issues edited by Joanne Burger: V34#6 (Dec 74), V35, #1,3,4 (1975), V37#6 (Dec 77). Scans byJoe Siclari.

--Quark, Tom Perry. 1 issue: #10 (Jul 1965). Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Rot, Mal Ashworth, the complete run of 6 issues from the 1950s-1969s, and a LOC. The LOC is from Rick Sneary, and is 4 pages long. It was cut to half a page for inclusion in Rot 5, and here you can see the full letter. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Safari, Earl Kemp. Issue #3 (Oct 1959). Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Spacewarp, Art Rapp. 1 issue: #41 (Aug 1950), the first Insurgent Issue. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Stymie, Roger Ebert. Yes, that Roger Ebert. Complete in two issues from 1960, Ebert mentions Stymie and receiving his first fanzine, Yandro  on his blog on May 04, 2008. He also talkls about what caused him to gafiate. You can read his blog on his fannish career at  .

Corrections: Thanks to David Ritter for correcting the dates in the index on a couple issues of Fantasy News. Thanks David!

November 12, 2020
--1960s One-Shots, Xerozine 00, William Desmond (Nov 1969). The only triangular zine I've ever seen. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Beyond, Charles Platt. Added issue #5 (Apr 1964) and #8 (Apr 1965). Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Dilemma, Jackie Franke. A new-to-us title and we begin with 8 issues from 1975-77. According to Fancyclopedia, the title "Dilemma" was a nod to Lee Hoffman's Quandry. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Hurkle, Redd Boggs. 10 issues and a supplement. From Joe Siclari - "We just put up a complete run of Retrograde and Discord. Here is a nearly complete run of Hurkle. We are missing only #1. These zines along with Sky Hook show what an interesting writer Redd was. We will continue to add his zines as we get them." Scans as well as commentary from Joe Siclari.

--MT Void, Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 19. Thanks Mark and Evelyn!

--Trap Door, Robert Lichtman. Added 2 more issues - #12 (Mar 93) and #16 (Aug 96). Contributors include Charles Burbee, Redd Boggs, Greg Benford, Andy Hooper, Steve Stiles, Rob Hansen, Bob Shaw and Chuch Harris. Trap Door is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scan by Joe Siclari.

November 8, 2020
Pubs Added:

--The No Holds Barred Guide - How to Get Stinko Fannishly, Karen Anderson, 1954. This fun little pub was handed out at SFCon, the 1954 worldcon. Scan provided by Astrid Anderson. Thanks, Astrid!

--Brillig, Lars Bourne. Added issue #7 (Mar 1957). Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Retrograde and Discord, Redd Boggs. Added the full 17 issue run of this perzine from the early 1960s. The zine received a Best Fanzine Hugo nomination for 1961. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--FAPA One-Shots, Fantasy-Views (Jun 1941). This takeoff on Fantasy News  is uncredited, and subtitled "the science fiction weaker newspaper". Remember, these FAPA One-shots are currently listed chronologically, so you can see what went into a given FAPA mailing. Scan provided by Sam McDonald. Sam has also provided us in the past with a number of great scans of Fantasy News. Thanks Sam!

--Metrofan, David McDonald, 1958 issues. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title. "This is the unofficial publication of the New York Fandom Council, composed of Circle, ESFA, and Lunarians—three first rate s-f clubs in the New York area." Cool. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Nite Cry, Don Chappell. Added 8 issues (1953-1955) of this new-to-us title. "NITE CRY is the Official Publication of the Oklahoma' Science Fiction Confederation." Issue 10 is I believe, the first publication of Harlan Ellison's "Gnomebody" which appeared the year after in Amazing Stories. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Quark, Lesleigh and Chris Couch. Added 2 issues from 1968-1968 of this new-to-us title. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Prolapse, Pete Weston. Added #3 (Nov 2006). Prolapse 3 was completed "after a lapse of only 23 years".

November 4, 2020

--1940s One Shots. We've created an index to hold the 1940s One Shots in order to keep the Classic list from getting completely out of control. Right now, the FAPA One Shots will stay in their own directory, Yes, I know it's not completely consistent, but use a Google site search if you're not sure where to look. We've added two fanzines today. Our first entry in this 1940s One Shots index comes from Joe Fortier and Harry Jenkins Jr - "Fan Editor and Publisher". The second is "Spicy STF Stuff" from 1949 which references the Detroit Science Fantasy League. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--1960s One Shots. Index created and 2 fanzines added: Hyborian Times (George Heap, 1967), and Rox (Tom Perry, 1964). Rox was intended to appear "on occasional intervals when the need for an opposition rag in fandom appears evident". Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Bibliographies. Added 5 publications. First from Al Lewis, we have the 1961 and 1962 Indexes to the Science Fiction Magazines, as well as a 2 page "Corrections and Additions" to 1961. We've added an Index to the Clayton Astounding, by Bill Evans and Jack Speer. That one is from 1946. Also, Dick Spelman's guide to Ace Book Publications from 1953-1968, from 1968. Scanning by Joe Siclari

--Conspiracy Newsletter, Richard E. Geis and an unnamed co-editor. Added 7 issues, the complete run, of this non-SF zine. It's a Conspiracy zine, perhaps appropriate for these trying times. It's a sequel to "Richard E. Geis - A Personal Journal", and so it is in the same index - Scans by Kim Gibbs. Thanks Kim!

--Giant Wombo, Leigh Edmonds, Valma Brown. Added 2 issues from 1979-1980. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Hodge-Podge, Mary-Louise and Nancy Share. Added 2 issues from 1954, with contributions from Art Rapp, Lynn Hickman, Chuck Harris, Robert Bloch, Marion Bradley, Bill Rotsler, Ray Nelson, Juanita Coulson and others. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Now & Then, Harry Turner and Eric Needham, 2 issues from 1954. "Being the proceedings of the ROMILEY FAN VETERANS & SCOTTISH DANCING SOCIETY". If you're not familiar with it, see the brief Fancyclopedia article at  and follow the links to "Widowers". Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Perspex Parrot, Bob Shaw (1990). A rare fanzine published by Bob Shaw - "It's a weird thing, but suddenly I feel quite nervous. I've published millions and millions of words as a science fiction writer, as a journalist, and as a fanzine contributor — but this is the first time I've ever sat down to compose an editorial for a fanzine of my very own." I was introduced to Bob once or twice, but I wish I had known him better. Scan by Dave Langford. Thanks, Dave!

--PSFS News, News of the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, 7 issues. Oddly, one issue is from the mid 1940s and the rest are the mid-later 1990s. Added today, Jul 1944, Nov 1994, Jan/Mar/April 1995 (Rich Kabakjian), and Mar/May 1997 (Carol Kabakjian). Very cool to have a club newsletter than spans 50 years. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Toward Tomorrow, James Kepner. Thanks to Rob Hansen, we've added the final issue to complete the run. Issue #3 (Jan 1945). This one on our "One and Done Begging List" and Rob was kind enough to send us the scans. You can see the list of titles for which we need only a single issue to complete the run at  . Thanks, Rob!

PDF Replacements:

--New Frontiers, Norm Metcalf. Replaced issues 2 and 3 with searchable PDFs. OCR by Joe Siclari.

--The Willis Papers, George W. Fields / Ted Johnstone, 1961. This is listed under Irish Fandom. OCR by Joe Siclari.

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