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February 20, 2018
Dale Speirs sent us PDFs of issues #406 (5.0 MB), #53.1B (5.4 MB), and #54 (4.1 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

We have added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, Vol. 36, No. 33, that was sent to us by Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Thank you both

February 14, 2018
We have updated the Fanac Names Cross Reference. There are currently 26,035 names in these listings.

February 13, 2018
Back to 1976. There's another video from the 1976 Worldcon, Big MAC at  . This short (20 minute) talk is Jim Gunn's "Fifty Amazing, Astounding, Wonderful Years". From the Youtube blurb: (1976) "was also the 50th anniversary of the first science fiction magazine. In this video, Professor Gunn talks about the impact of the magazines on science fiction and the creation of fandom. There's also an entertaining description of the responses of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne to each other, a brief account of how to create a science fiction writer, and a sense of what the field was like in the early days, all delivered with charming wit. This essay later appeared in Gunn's "Inside Science Fiction", published by Scarecrow Press. (1992)." Thanks again to Video Archeology.

More photos. We've added the beginnings of an album for photos from the collection of Mark Hickman. Mark has photos of his own plus those of his father, Lynn, that go back for many years. Thanks Mark! And thanks to Joe Siclari for scanning.

Plus there are a few photos  from Bill and Mary Burns' party in 2014. There are some additional Suncon shots  too.

From 1942, we've added a letter  from Harry Warner, Jr. about the end of Spaceways. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

February 11, 2018
We've added an album for photos taken by Theodore Krulik. This is the the first small batch, and there are others being added to the appropriate convention photo pages. We've had some photos from Ted for different Readercons  and one from the 2000 Lunacon  so far. Thanks Ted! Great photos.

Added a 1987 issue of Pete Presford's UK newszine, Scantle. "Send your scandle for 'Scantle' ". Don't get too excited; not much scandal here.

Dale Speirs sent us PDFs of issues #405 (5.7 MB), #52.5 (5.1 MB), and #53 (4.9 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

February 10, 2018
Today, thanks to the scanning of Mark Olson, you can immerse yourself in Pittcon, the 1960 Worldcon. We've added the Hugo nomination and voting ballots, 3 Progress Reports and best of all, Jay Kay Klein's Con Annual. This has 158 photos, with identifications. The key to the photos is in one section, and the photos are in another. You'll figure it out. The pubs for Pittcon can be found here - Thanks Mark!

More of jan finder's Spang Blah. Thanks to the scanning of Joe Siclari, we've added 5 issues from the 1970s. Jan was in Italy for some of these. In prep for your 2019 Worldcon in Dublin, you might want to read Bob Shaw's Tyme Travel Talk here  in issue 20.

February 7, 2018
Whoo-hoo! We've completed the run of Walter Gillings's Fantasy Review. Issue 17, added today, has articles such as the one introduced by "THOMAS SHERIDAN tells the romantic life story of shy JACK WILLIAMSON, who might have been a cowboy but instead became a Space-Time Ranger". Love it.

More European news, this time from the 1980s. We've added 7 issues of Roelof Goudriaan's Shards of Babel, including 5 issues co-edited with Lynne Ann Morse. Issue 16  includes the SweCon85 Progress Report. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

From 1943, we've an issue J. Michael Rosenblum's Futurian War Digest. He kept this up all during the war, with amazing regularity despite the British paper shortages. We've included the zines that were bundled with it. His Booklist, Terry Overton's Galaxy, and Ron Holmes Review Section. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

Taral sent us Forgotten Toys. Is it issue 51 of Broken Toys? Maybe. Thank you Taral.

Added the February issue of Leybl Botwinik's CyberCozen. Thaks Leybl!

George Phillies sent us a PDF of the February 2018 issue  of The National Fantasy Fan Federation's Tightbeam, edited by Bob Jennings. Thanks George.

Today's Granfalloon  is number 11. Thanks to Mark Olson for scanning.

February 6, 2018
Today's newszines are from the UK. We have 4 issues of Fred Robinson's Straight Up  from 1952. Page 2 of issue 3  for instance, has letters from the late and lamented Wheels of If - Bob Shaw, Walt Willis and James White. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

Today's Granfalloon  is number 10. Thanks to Mark Olson for scanning.

February 5, 2018
It's another newszine-rich day, with 14 more added. All scanning by Joe Siclari unless otherwise noted. First, we've added another 1950 issue of Ronald Friedman's SF Weekly. "All the News while it's News".

The reason that SF Weekly  is marked II is that there was a I. Today we've added 6 issues, a hoaxzine and an introductory letter for Doc Lowndes's Science Fiction Weekly  from 1940. The hoax is called "Science Fiction Weakly" and was an April 1 publication. Headline: Sykora Stubs Toe!

From Australia, we've added 7 issues of Vol Molesworth's newszineThe Sydney Futurian. These are all from 1947 and 1948 and is a newsletter of the Futurian Society of Sydney. If you're wondering what life was like then and there, the price for Americans is one prozine in exchange for 6 issues of the zine (and "Exchange

We've added 4 issues of 1942 Le Zombies  for your Retro research. Scanning thanks to Keith Stokes.

Today's Granfalloon  is number 9. Thanks to Mark Olson for scanning.

Mea culpa. Two errors to report. Yesterday, I mentioned adding the April 1950 issue of SF Weekly, edited by Ronald Friedman. It's really "Science Fiction Weekly" not "SF Weekly". The webpage has been fixed. Joe has an eagle eye.

Also, I had added the Phil Bronson zine Scienti-Comics. My error. It was already on our site with two issues scanned by Tom Veal almost ten years ago. I've removed the duplicate pages. Sorry for any confusion.

February 4, 2018
A strangely mixed bag for you this evening, with items from 5 decades of fandom. All scanning by Joe Siclari unless otherwise indicated. (Thanks Joe!) First, 3 issues of Sam Moskowitz's Helios. These

Next up is an issue of Walter Gillings British Scientifiction Fantasy Review  from 1938. It includes an article by Arthur C. Clarke on "Science Fiction for Beginners".

Moving along to 1940, we have the first issue of Phil Bronson's Scienti-Comics. It's exactly what the name would imply. This is starting to fade. As we put these old fanzines online, it really feels like a rescue mission for some of them.

Merry belated New Years. Here's your 1946 Greetings Gazette  from Walt Dunkelberger's Fanews. Best wishes from Dunk and Lorraine, Forry Ackerman and others.

Getting our first newszine fix, we've added the April 1950 issue of SF Weekly, edited by Ronald Friedman. It starts with what happened at a gathering when it was announced that L. Ron Hubbard had just had a baby.

Another version of Fanspeak  is up too. This one is from 1951, and was one of the welcome leaflets from the NFFF. It was edited by Bill Venable, with appreciations to Art Rapp.

Getting our 2nd newszine fix, we've added 2 issues of Harvey Inman's Fantasy Fiction Field  from 1963. This was the second series of the zine founded by Julius Unger.

And finally, the 70s. Today's Granfalloon  is number 17. Thanks to Mark Olson for scanning.

February 3, 2018
Retro stuff: Today we've uploaded Joe Siclari's list of 1942 fanzines with notations as to which are eligible for Best Fanzine. The PDF is here- Our plan is to make this linkable so you can go from the full list directly to the fanzines. Watch this space.

Today's Granfalloon  is number 13. Thanks to Mark Olson for scanning.

February 2, 2018
More photos today. First, a correction. Yesterday's Roc*Kon 3 photos are from 1979, not 1978. Thanks to Kirby Bartlett-Sloan for the photos and the corrections.

We've added another set of 30ish photos from the Gil Gaier album. These are photos by Gil that were scanned by Patty Peters. Included are a couple of great photos of Patrick Hayden and of Patty Peters. There's a very fine photo of Mal Edwards  too.

Some miscellaneous fanzines today, including 3 issues of 1942 publication (and a couple more from 1943). We've added the March 1975 issue  of jan finder's Spang Blah, along with issue 8  of Linda Bushyager's Granfalloon. Scanning for Spang Blah by Joe Siclari, and for Granfalloon by Mark Olson. We've also added the latest issue of John Thiel's Ionisphere. This is the Bulletin of the National Fantasy Fan Federation Fan-Pro Coordinating Activity. Thanks!

The older fanzines today are VOMs. There are 3 issues from 1942, and 2 from 1943, along with a few supplements. Alas one of the 1943 issues is partial, with only a few pages online. We'll keep lookng for the remainder.

February 1, 2018
Thanks to Kirby Barlett-Sloan, we have photos of Roc*Kon 3, from 1978. There are Klingons, there is filking, and a car with an admirable license plate. Thanks Kirby! We look forward to more Roc*Kon photos.

Today's newszines (this will stop at some point): we've added 18 more issues of Walt Dunkelberger's Fanews Newsletters. This includes the second 2nd annual issue, this one dedicated to Earl Kay, after a briefer one so marked earlier in the year. Earl Kay was co-editor until he was killed in the war. There's also a 4 page Pacificon supplement (1947). There are issues from 1945-1948 represented, and scanning is by Joe Siclari.

January 31, 2018
All scanning today by Joe Siclari, except where otherwise noted.

We have a new update for FANAC.ORG. If you're not on our mailing list (and why aren't you on our list?) you can find it here - Just to throw some numbers are you. we have reached 50,000 pages of fan material online, over 2500 newszine issues and more than 33,000 views on our Youtube channel. Round numbers and lots of zeros. Help us keep it going.

Retro Hugo materials: We've added two more of Harry Warner, Jr.'s Spaceways, although one is from 1941. There were continuations from it into the 1942 first issue so it seemed like a good idea to add it now. We've also added issue 9  of Art Widner's Fanfare. As always, all Retro candidates on the site can be found here - 

Added issue 7 of Linda Bushyager's Granfalloon. Sample titillating article in that issue - "Ravished - Piers Anthony Reviews Dick Geis's latest sex novel". Scanning by Mark Olson.

Last but not least, 21 more newszines. We've added a slew of 1946 and 1947 issues of Walt Dunkelberger's FANEWS newsletters. There's an HG Wells obituary, there are reports of fan gatherings, and there are anecdotes. My favorite is in issue 278. It's about Tigrina's experience on the show "Queen for a Day". The part I liked best is the intro - "In keeping with the plan for LASFS members to get on all the radio quiz shows and split the profits with the LASFS, Memorial Day found Tigrina on the "Queen for a Day" program..."

January 30, 2018
All scanning today by Joe Siclari.

More Retro Hugo material today. We've added two more 1942 fanzines. First, we've added VOM22  from October 1942.

We've also added Space Tales 4  from July 1942. BTW, Space Tales is listed as a 1941 fanzine in the Pavlat Evans index. However, internal evidence in multiple places in the zine puts it as a 1942 publication.

26 newszines added from 1945-1946. These are issues of the Fanews  newsletters. As you may know, the zine was also published in card form. You can find all the issues listed in one place whether they are cards or newsletters. For that look here

January 29, 2018
Many thanks to Sam McDonald for scanned material, background information, and for very useful recommendations. Today, thanks to Sam, we've put up issue 58 of STEFNEWS, and thereby completed the run.

Sam sent us Retro Hugo materials too. We have 3 1942 issues of Bonfire, and 2 more 1942 issues of Shangri L'Affaries, along with a 1941 issue -

When we put up VOM 21  a few days ago, we asked for help with the photo index. IT was there all the time. Sam pointed out that the key to the cover photos can be found on page 3.

Speaking of photos, we've put up another 100 or so of Gil Gaier's photos and you can see them here - Patricia Peters scanned them all and provided them to us. Thank you Patty!

Dale Speirs sent us PDFs of issues #404 (7.3 MB), #51.5B (5.3 MB), and #52 (5.2 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

January 28, 2018
Now that we've scanned as many issues of Niekas  as we can, Mark Olson has started scanning issues of Linda Bushyager and Suzanne Thompkins' Granfalloon. We have 5 issues from the late 60s up so far. Thanks Mark!

Added the January issue of Leybl Botwinik's CyberCozen. Thaks Leybl!

January 24, 2018
Confiction  was more than 27 years ago. But thanks to Thomas Recktenwald, you can listen to the Guest of Honor speeches and a few panels. You can find them here - There will be a few more coming too. Thanks Thomas! Some or all of these may end up on Youtube with appropriate image accompaniment, but there are so many great audio tapes that we're putting them on FANAC.ORG as we can rather than wait till they're all tricked out for Youtube.

Ok, the December 1942 FAPA mailing  is entirely online. 235 pages, all scanned by Mark Olson.

January 23, 2018
The December 1942 FAPA mailing  is mostly online now. This is a vast mailing, and many thanks to Mark Olson for the scanning. These are part of our Retro Hugo efforts so that you can nominate and vote with knowledge. You can always see what he have for the Retros at

We've put up about 70 of Gil Gaier's photos and you can see them here - These are identified photos, and as we start to put up the unidentified photos, we'll be asking for your help to get the right names on the right faces. Patricia Peters scanned them all and provided them to us. Thank you Patty! These are great.

January 22, 2018
Lots of material today, both for the Retro Hugos and for the news junkies among you.

First, Mark Olson has scanned the last of the Ed Mesky Niekas  that we have. If you have issues that are not online, please let us know (especially if you are willing to scan or loan them!).

Next, Mark has also scanned another 1942 issue of FAPA. You can find the September issue there now, with more by Jack Speer, Art Widner, Russell Chauvenet and others. All this is reflected in the listing of materials available for those considering Retro nominations. You can find it all here - Thanks Mark - that's an enormous effort.

And for the folks eager to know what happened in the 40s, we have an additional 52 issues of Fanews. To make it easier to read, I've broken them up into newsletters and cardzines. All the issues are in the index here - FanewsCard/  but if you click on a newsletter you'll find yourself with the newsletter index and need to click on a FanewsCard link to get back. The advantage is that you can easily click through from card to card without getting bogged down in a 10 page newsletter. Actual coherent explanation will be posted on the relevant pages soon. This herculean scanning effort provided by Joe Siclari. Thanks Joe!

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