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October 16, 2019
27 zines added today.

First, we finished uploading FAPA 28. There were 2 last Cosmic Circle Publications to add - a membership report, and what appears to be yet another version of Cosmic Circle Monthly. Now onward to FAPA 29, already in progress. You can find all the Cosmic Circle pubs listed at 

The oldest zine of the day was scanned and provided by David Ritter. It's the first annual edition of Tesseract, from May, 1939, edited by C. Hamilton Bloomer. Thanks David!

We've also added the complete 13 issue run of Outlander. This was the Official Organ of the Outlander Society in Southern California and had a different editor for every issue. The first issue was in February, 1949, and the cover of this copy features signatures by Forry Ackerman, Len Moffatt, Con Pederson and a bunch of others. There's also 2 pages of bibliographic notes included. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

Next up, Focal Point. We've added 9 issues: Volume 2, #1, 3, 4, 10, and 12-16, all edited by Arnie Katz and rich brown. These are all from 1970. Focal Point was "a fanzine of news, views and reviews". Scanning by Mark Olson.

Mark also scanned issues 52 and 53 of Don and Maggie Thompson's Newfangles  from 1971.

Finally, we have issue 47 of Outworlds, published by Bill Bowers. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

October 15, 2019
I'm almost done with FAPA 28. There are two more small Cosmic Circle pubs to get up. So, we've started putting up FAPA 29  from September 1944. Today, we put up 14 fanzines from FAPA 29, and another 8 from other times and places. It's still under construction, and I plan to do a few at a time. Today, everything was scanned by Joe Siclari.

First the list of FAPAzines.

--Agenbite of Inwit 6, Doc Lowndes 

--Banshee 5, 6, , Larry Shaw, 

--Beyond 3, Roscoe Wright, nice Wiedenbeck cover, 

--Browsing 7, John Michael Rosenblum, 

--Caliban 6, Larry Shaw, 

--Cushlamochree, 1 and 2, Walter Daugherty, 

--En Garde 11, Al Ashley and Abby Lu Ashley, 

--FAN-TODS 8, Stanley, 

--Fantasy Amateur V8, #1, Larry Shaw, 

--FAPA Variety 10, Bob Tucker, 

--Horizons 20, Harry Warner Jr, 

--YHOS11, Widner, 

Also, we have put up --

--Cry of the Nameless 179, Elinor Busby, Wally Weber and Vera Heminger. 

--Erg 89 and 90, Terry Jeeves, 

--Habbakuk V3, N1 and V3, N2, Bill Donaho. These issues complete the run. 

--Proper Boskonian, 28 (Laurie Mann), 30, 36 (Ken Knabbe) and a seasons greetings from 1995. 

Today's archive haul = 22 fanzines

October 14, 2019
Eight fanzines and some ephemera for today. In no particular order-

--Alien Critic 7, Richard Geis, November 1973, with a speech by Fred Pohl, a column by John Brunner, and an interview with Roger Zelazny. Scan by Mark Olson

--Mikros, T. Bruce Yerke, issues 5 and 6 from 1939. The first 4 issues all had different titles. We have one of those that will be going up soon, but for now, ssues 5 and 6. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--South of the Moon, various editors. Issue 11, scanned by Joe Siclari. Issue 19, scanned by Mark Olson. We're adding a column on many of the index pages indicating who provided the zine or did the scanning. Everyone should have their egoboo, and that way the notes column is saved for more pertinent notes.

--Luna Pono, Fred Warth, issue 4, July 1944. It seems a very sincere fanzine. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Spasmodic, Eric Jones, 1957-1958. We have both of issues of Spasmodic here. These will help complete your understanding of the mysteries of Saint Fantony. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Miscellaneous TAFF documents. These are from the 50s and 60s, and include ballots, progress reports and statements of support. We'll be putting up more such as we go.

October 12, 2019
Since our world runs on egoboo, that's the order in which today's uploads are presented. First, because I can, here is a LOC on the website which was very heartening. From Steven Johnson: "Incredible volume of top rate fanzines added to the site in the past few > months...endless hours of reading pleasure and memories of times past. Today I've enjoyed Innuendo for the first time and rereading that last issue of Lighthouse first encountered when published. Thank you!"

One of our regular contributors, Lebyl Botwinik sent us the September issue of his CyberCozen. Thanks Leybl!

Also, we added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 38, No. 15, sent to us by Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Thanks guys!

Next, from the scanning of Mark Olson.

--Alien Critic 9, Richard Geis, May 1974,

--Fanfare 11, Tony Lewis, 1989, published by MCFI. This was a publication inspired by the Noreascon 3's Fan Guest of Honor - The Stranger Club.

--Hababbuk V3, 3, Bill Donaho, 1994

--Idea 10, Geri Sullivan, 1997. There's a lot of Steve Stiles art in this one.

--Mythologies 18, Don D'Ammassa, 1985, with art by Brad Foster and Taral.

--Prehensile, Mike Glyer, issues 10, 11, 12, and 13.5. Too much art to list.

From the scanning of Joe Siclari.

--Bulletin of the Cleveland SF Society , issues 13, 14 and Science Fantasy Bulletin 7, Harlan Ellison, 1952. Includes art by Raymond Lowell Gibson, Margaret Dominick, Ray Nelson, Harlan Ellison, Shelby Vick, and I believe, MZB.

-- FANAC, issue ###, April 1962, a little hoaxzine(?) from Ron Bennett and Ron Ellik.

--Goon Library Publication 1, The Enigma of the Heironymous Machine, Steve Schulteis. 1957, published by John Berry and ATom. Art by ATom.

--Proper Boskonian, issues 29 (Laurie Mann) and 31 (Ken Knabbe). Issue 29 has art by David House, Anatoly Paseka, Linda Michaels, Sheryl Blrkhead, Diana Stein, Joe Mayhew, Peggy Ranson, Ingrid Neilsen and Laurel Slate. Issue 31 has art by Merle Insinga, Alice Lewis, Joe Mayhew, Diana Stein, and Phil Tortorici.

Additionally, we replaced 3 issues of Pamphrey  with searchable PDFs (issues 0,3, and 6).

Finally, we added a few photos from Philcon 2017, taken by Joe Siclari and Edie Stern. You can see them at 

Today's fanzine total - 18

October 11, 2019
Added 27 zines today, and replaced 2 others with searchable PDFs. One of the replaced ones was John D. Berry's Hitchhike 28. Scanning today by Joe Siclari unless otherwise ntoed.

--Damn Thing, T. Bruce Yerke, issues 2 and 4 from 1940-1941. We had The Damn Denventioneer Thing #4, but that's very different from the regular issues. For one, the regular Damn Thing is about 18 pages longer. With Rob having given us several interesting Yerke fanzines, Joe was very pleased to turn up a few more to add to the site.

--Double Bill, Bill Bowers and Bill Mallardi. We added issues 14, 16, a rider on 16 and issue 17. There's material here by Lloyd Biggle, Buck Coulson, Harry Warner Jr., Dan Adkins, George Barr, Terry Jeeves and Mae Strelkov.

--Duplicating Without Tears!, a symposium edited by Vince Clarke on fannish reproduction. This is from 1956, and was provided by Rob Hansen. One day I'll have to put up a "How To" section for material like this.

--Gambit 48, Ted White and Les Gerber, 1963. This is the 10th annish, and is combined with Minac 4 (a special Discoon Issue).

--Lowdown, Richard Labonte, issues 2-3, 1968-1971. This was the first publication of the Montreal in 1974 bidding committee.

--Mainstream, Jerry Kaufman and Suzle Tompkins. We have a wealth of Mainstreams here, issues 7-17, and they cover 1982 to 1998. Stu Shiffman, Jeanne Gomoll, Alexis Gilliland, Dan Steffan, Craig Smith, Andy Hooper, Art Widner, Brad Foster and of course Jerry and Suzle. Good stuff.

--Minac, Les Gerber and Ted White, issues 5 and 6, along with a hoaxzine by Bill Blackbeard and Redd Boggs.

--Pamphrey, Walt Willis. Added issues 1, 2 and 5. Replaced issue 7 with a searchable PDF.

--Lastly for tonight, Songs from Space, Eric Bentcliffe, 1957. This is a book of science fiction songs, set in a skiffy fictional frame. I've put it up in the musical section, although I don't know that it was performed as a musical. Provided by Rob Hansen.

October 10, 2019
Since the last update, we've put up a variety of (hopefully) items of interest. There's more FAPA28, including 3 pieces of Cosmic Circle history}, there are UK zines provided by Rob Hansen, there are important US zines, and there's a script/playbill for a musical (thanks to Linda Deneroff}.

First, here are some 1940s zines from Rob Hansen

-- , a Dirty Word, Damon Knight, May 46. You can find this at This zine has no name. The publishing colophon has a few blanks followed by ", a Dirty Word". Mark Olson, writing the Fancyclopedia entry for it has opined that Mr. Knight was too clever by far in his title so we are listing it under Dirty Word, A

--The Bedside Fassbeinder, T. Bruce Yerke, oneshot, Nov 44. A volume of words from Carlton Fassbeinder (one of Yerke's pennames).

--Damn Thin, T. Bruce Yerke, 1942. An unfinished Damn Thing.

--Fan Dance 1, C.S. Youd, August 1941.

--The Gentlest Art, Douglas Webster, issues 1, 3-4. These were part of FIDO.

--Hellzapoppin, Douglas Webster 1941. Also part of FIDO.

The remaining zines were scanned by Joe Siclari.

Next, the FAPA28  zines. Almost done with this mailing; there are just two more to go. If you look at the Retro Hugo materials for next year ( ), you'll find these are being added as we go since the mailing was in 1944. Links for these are found in FAPA28 

--Troy, Helen Bradleigh, March 44 -- Cosmic Circle

--Jupiter (Ronald Maddox) and Cosmian World (Rex Matthews), Spring 44, Cosmic Circle

--National Futurian Weekly 22 (Degler); Cosmic Circle

--Memoirs of a Superfluous Fan, Yerke, has been replaced with a searchable PDF

If you want to read more of the Cosmic Circle, we have gathered the original materials we have here - 

Ok, now for more recent fanzines.

--Psychotic 3, Richard Geis, September 1953. The real Psychotic 3 this time! You guys keep us honest.

--Mainstream, Jerry Kaufman and Suzle Tompkins, issues 3-6 from 1978-1981. Mainstream was nominated for Best Fanzine in 1991. These are the first of the title we've put up.

--Proper Boskonian, issue 33 from Ken Knabbe (Dec 94), and issues 41-42 from Lisa Hertel.

--unterHelios, issue 1, Joe Siclari, July 1971. Joe is the chairman of the Fan History project and Ever get a fanzine from him? Here's your opportunity to see what the callow youth of 21 (almost 22) produced. Send your LOCs to I'll pass them on.

And finally, from Linda Deneroff, the script and playbill of the first Lunacon musical performed in 1980. Based on "1776", this production is entitled "1986". We've put up the script (book by Richard Kolker, lyrics by Richard Kolker, Patrick Daniel O'Neill, Jill Wilkins, and John Kingsbridge) and the Playbill. Soon we'll be adding the permission letters from the authors whose names were taken in vain. Thanks to Linda for keeping all the letters, and the rest. Watch this space - 

That's 20 zines today, and one musical.

October 7, 2019
Today's most notable PDF replacement is for Dave Kyle's notorious pamphlet from the first worldcon. You can find it here -  Amazing that for all the fuss it caused, it was only 5 pages.

Continuing to work on FAPA28, today we've added 7 to the TOC (well 6 if you don't count the PDF that replaces the JPGs)

-- Emergeny Flare, Dik Daniels

-- Futuria 2, Elsie Wollheim. There were only two, and this is the last issue, but it's marked "The Official Organ of the Futurian Society of New York".

--Futurian Advance 3, Helen Bradleigh. Cosmic Circle

--History of the Future Cards. Not sure who these were from, but they are very cool. For various years in the future (the future of FAPA28 that is), "facts" are extracted from science fiction stories and replicated here. For example, for 1960, "Peace, ending the long war from 1940 to 1960; worldwide, participants unknown. Eye of the Past, Eando Binder, Astounding, March, 1938" Check it out.

--Investigation in Newcastle, Jack Speer. This is another of Jack's articles on Cosmic Circle.

-- Intelligence Quotient 2, Doro aka Don Rogers aka Degler. This was already up as JPGs, and is now replaced as a searchable PDF. More Cosmic Circle, of course.

--Venus-Con, Francis T. Laney and Mel Brown. Not Cosmic Circle!

In addition to the FAPAzines we've added the complete 5 issue run of Tappen, by Malcolm Edwards. This ran from 1981 to 1982. Contributors include Peter Nicholls, Dave Langford, D. West, and Chris Atkinson.

You'll also find 2 more issues of Erg  (Terry Jeeves) from the early 60s. Look for issues 11 and 18.

There's also our first upload of an issue of Mike Glyer's Prehensile, May 1973. By issue 9, he was already up to 78 pages. One of the articles is titled "Dark Alleys of Fanhistory" by Dan Goodman. Hmmmm....

George Phillies sent us issue 301 of Tightbeam, edited by George Phillies and Jon Swartz.

Finally, for the newszine enthusiasts, we have 2 more issues of Son of the WSFA Journal, Don Miller. These are issues 69 and 192.

That's 17 new fanzines, and all but one were scanned by Joe Siclari.

October 5, 2019
Dale Speirs sent us a PDF of issue #457 (5.8 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

--Ephemeron 2, Russell Chauvenet

--Fan Slants 3, Mel Brown (this one a replacement for JPGs)

--Fan-Tods 7, June 1944, Norman Stanley

--FAPA Variety 9, Tucker

--FAPA Fan 14, Don Wollheim

--Horizons 19, Harry Warner, Jr.

--Reader and Collector V3,3 H.C. Koenig

--Sustaining Program 6/44, Jack Speer

--Towards Tomorrow #2, James Kepner

--YHOS 10, Art Widner

Additionally, we added 4 issues of John Berry's Pot Pourri. Issues added: 35, 44, 51 and 52. Also, we replaced 42 with a searchable PDF.

For the newszine junkie, we have 9 issues added of Ron Bennett's Skyrack  from the 60s an early 70s. We replaced issues 36 and 40 with pdfs, and added issues 38, 42, 56, 58-59, 62-64, and 96. We also added some issues of Skyrack Trader, mostly a catalog that Ron sent out in the 70s. You'll find 6 issues of that - 96 and 99 (which came first, around the same time as Skyrack 96), and then issues 5-8. Fans are infinitely creative. All of the above were scanned by Joe Siclari.

Next, from Rob Hansen, we have a scan of an issue of C.S. Youd's Fantasy War Bulletin, from 1941. I believe this is the last issue. The first piece starts with the Blitz. Thanks Rob!

Plus, we have added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 38, No. 14, sent to us by Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Thank you both.

Finally, it's a YouTube day. Actually it's a musical YouTube day. From the paragraph on YouTube: "Julia Ecklar was the special filk guest at Tropicon 8, held in Dania, Florida, in 1989. This recording captures her concert at the convention, and includes 10 songs (of which Julia wrote four). The last song is beautifully signed by Linda Melnick. In the 1980s and early 1990s, Julia was a sought-after filk performer at science-fiction conventions worldwide. As a published author, her skill with words is very evident in the songs she writes. Filk songs are often strong on narrative, and you’ll notice that a number of these are about science fiction novels that were popular at the time." 

October 2, 2019
35 zines added for you since the last "What's New". All scanning today is by Joe Siclari.

Let's do the singletons first today. There are 8 of them, although 4 are really a start at adding FAPA 28.

--Yandro 259, the last issue, February 1986, Buck and Juanita Coulson. For the new zines we scan, we're tryin to put information in the PDF metadata. If you float your cursor to the top part of the screen, an info line should appear with the title, issue number, editor, and date of publication.

--Wingwindow 10, August, 1987, John D. Berry. This completes the run on

--Waldo 1, April 1959, Eric Bentcliffe.

--Satellite 4, January 1939, John F. Burke. This seems to be missing its cover.

The next 4 are the beginnings of FAPA 28. Since CoNZealand is doing retros next year for 1944, this issue of FAPA is are relevant.

--Banshee 4, Larry Shaw, June 1944.

--Browsing 6, John Michael Rosenblum, June 1944.

--En Garde 10, Al and Lu Ashley, June 1944.

--Fantasy Amateur V7, #4, R. D. Swisher, June 1944.

And finally, 27 issues of Erg  by Terry Jeeves. Today we added issues 53-59, 61-62, 64-76, 81, 92-93, and 95-96.

September 30, 2019
Treat of the day: 10 issues of Psychotic, Dick Geis. Early, early Psychotic. We have added issues: 1, 2, 4, 6, 9-10, 12, 14-16. Scans by Joe Siclari. Enjoy! All are searchable PDFs.

September 27, 2019
Just a few for you today, in no particular order.

--One issue Orion, Paul Enever, issue 20, from 1958. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Two issues Proper Boskonian  - issue 38 (Ken Knabbe, 1995) and issue 39 (Lisa Hertel, 1997). Scan by Joe Siclari

--Dale Speirs sent us a PDF of issue #456 of his Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

--Latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 38, No. 13, that was sent to us by Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Thanks to Mark and Evelyn.

September 26, 2019
Fanzines added today: 40. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

--17 issues of the newszine Fantasy Fiction Field, 2nd series. This is the one done by Harvey Inman, that started in 1963. We also replaced two that were all JPGs with PDFs. You can find the earlier series of Fantasy Fiction Field, by Julius Unger, at

--15 issues of Erg, Terry Jeeves. We added issues: 7-10, 12-17, 21,23, 28, 31, and 40. Terry was a member of "First Fandom, Knights of St. Fnnthony. B.S.F.A., and the Stockport & Ecclesall Dog & Cake Wa;king Society" (From issue 16).

--8 issues of Ted White's egoscan. We added issues: 2-5, and 8-11. We also replaced issues 6-7 with PDFs.

September 25, 2019
The count of fanzines uploaded today is 40, and Joe Siclari did all the scanning. In addition to the issues newly added, we have one PDF replacement for a zine that was online as JPGs. It's Egoboo 11, by John D. Berry and Ted White.

We have added:

--32 issues of Son of the WSFA Journal, Don Miller. These are issues: 89-96, 98, 103-112, 114-120, 122-126, 129 and date from 1973 to 1974.

--7 issues of Proper Boskonian, various editors, late 70s to early 80s. Three of these are a little different. They were distributed with Instant Message mailings are pretty short. Added issues 15, 17-19, and the ones marked IM.

--1 issue of the N3F's Ionisphere, from John Thiel. This one (issue 19) was sent electronically by John.

September 23, 2019
Kim Gibbs was kind enough to notice we were missing the cover for Beabohema 3, and provide us with a scan. Now we have a complete issue! We've turned it all into a searchable PDF. Thanks Kim! 

Today's additions:

--Beabohema, issue 19, Frank Lunney, December 1971.

--31 issues of Son of the WSFA Journal. We've added issues: 51-52, 55-57, 59, 63, 66-67, 70, 72-73, 75, 80, 88, 100, 127-128, 132, 145, 150, 157-160, 173-176, and 181-182. Scans by Joe Siclari

--2 issues of Erg, Terry Jeeves. We've added issues 49 and 63 from the mid 70s. In issue 49, search on "shading" to get to the articles on stencil art. There's material on shading plates, textures, homemade stylii, letter guides and such. When posting your blog or your facebook story gets too onerous, just read and remember what sensitive fannish types did to achieve those artistic fanzine triumphs. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Entropy Booklet 1, Terry Carr, 1964. "Crime Stalks the Fan World" by F. Lee Baldwin, with illustrations by Ray Nelson and an intro by Bob Tucker. Scan by Joe Siclari.

Less is More dept: Thanks to Mark Olson, we've replaced another 24 SF Commentary  issues with searchable PDFs. Today, we replaced SF issues 26, and 28-50.

September 22, 2019
It's all about the Son of the WSFA Journal  today. We've added 26 issues: issues 12-14, 17, 19, 21-22, 24, 27-29, 33-34, and 36-48. Also, we've started to replace some of the fanzines with searchable PDFs. For Son of the WSFA Journal, so far we've replaced issues 30-32.

September 20, 2019
Dave Langford kindly told us about an upside down page in one of Tucker's Bloomington News  issues. Thanks Dave! I fixed it.

We have updated the Fanac Names Cross Reference. There are currently 27,824 names in these listings.

We've added about 10 new photos. They're masquerade photos from the 1995 Lunacon, taken by Andrew Porter. You can see them at Thanks Andy!

Today's fanzine count: 37

--Fanfare, issue 3, August 1940, edited by Russ Chauvenet. Contributions from Earl Singleton, Harry Warner, and R.D. Swisher. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 38, No. 12, Mark and Evelyn Leeper. This is the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter. Thank you guys.

--The Scarr, issues 2 (1963) and 4 (1964), George Charters. According to Fancyclopedia, "The Scarr" is an anagram for Charters. ATom, John Berry, Ian MacCauley, Bob Shaw, Archie Mercer.

--Scottishe, Ethel Lindsay, 1955-1981. 33 issues, including the last issue. Ethel Lindsay was the first female TAFF winner, and was a Knight of Saint Fantony. Today: issues 31, 34, 36, 43, 45-54, 55 nibblings, 56-60, 69-78, and 80-82.

September 18, 2019
Fanzines first today, and photos after. Thanks to Jerry Kaufman, we now have recovered pages 66 and 67 of Slant 7, which had gone unaccountably missing (it's an uninteresting story). Jerry was kind enough to let me know so I could fix the problem. Thanks Jerry!

--Added VoM 34, July 1944, Forry Ackerman and Morojo. This was provided and scanned by Rob Hansen. Thanks Rob! The only VoM we're missing now is issue 31. Anyone?

--New-to-us title Vagabondia, complete in all 2 issues, Doc Lowndes, 1941. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

--New-to-us title Scottishe, Ethel Lindsay, 14 issues. More of these are coming.

Photos: We have 30 more photos from Dublin, thanks to Rich and Nicki Lynch. There are some nice photos of the Fan Fund auction, and of the Lego version of the Star Wars battle on Hoth. You can find them at The new ones are in the section for general photos, and for program items. Thanks Rich! Thanks Nicki!

September 17, 2019
We have both photos and fanzines today, along with a poster for a 1959 concert of the New Lost City Ramblers that goes along with Lee Hoffman's Gardyloo.

Photos first: We have the first of the photos scanned at Dublin 2019, from the collection of Philippa Ryder. These are from 1990, from the first Octocon, the Irish National convention: Thanks again, Philippa!

Fanzines next:

--Jan-Feb 1936: The 2nd issue #1  of Flabbergasting stories, John Michel and Donald A. Wollheim. This was provided to FANAC and scanned by Kim Hewitt. Thanks, Kim!

--May 1943: Two (different) #1 issues of Cosmic Digest, edited by Don Rogers and Raymond Washington. Don Rogers is a pseudonym for Claude Degler. It is exactly as interesting as you think it might be. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--May 1944: Cosmic Circle membership directory. We also added a page 2 to the white paper. Links to all the Cosmic Circle material we have online can be found at Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Jan 1946: Science*Fiction, by Larry Shaw and Judy Zissman. This is the one and only issue. This had a bang up start, with contributions by Bob Bloch and Jim Blish. Scan by Mark Olson.

--1969-1970: The last 2 issues of Cry of the Nameless, edited by Elinor Busby in 1969-1970.

--1969-1976: 6 issues of Son of the WSFA Journal, Don Miller. We added issues 1, 10, 23, 25, and 197-198.

--1975: Issues 4 and 6 of Mythologies, Don D'Ammassa.

--1969-1976: 4 issues and 2 supplements of the WSFA Journal, also Don Miller. We added issues 67, 68, 84, SF&F Journal 87, Supplements to 47 and 51. By issue 87, Don wanted a different name, so that one is an SF&F Journal.

--Sep 2019: George Phillies sent us a PDFs of September 2019's issue of The National Fantasy Fan Federation's The National Fantasy Fan. Thanks George.

--Sep 2019: Dale Speirs sent us a PDF of issue #455 (3.8 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

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