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December 8, 2016
This week's Youtube addition is the oldest one yet. Today we added a unique panel  discussion from Baycon, the 26th WorldCon. This entertaining, funny recording of the the panel "Remembrance of Things Past" features personal anecdotes about Lovecraft and writing for the pulps. Here's your chance to hear stories about Lovecraft (and Robert E. Howard), from Fritz Leiber, Robert Bloch, Edmond Hamilton, Emil Petaja, E. Hoffman Price, and Jack Williamson, with accompanying photos. The panel is moderated by Baycon co-chair Alva Rogers (who wrote Requium For Astounding). This excellent recording is courtesy of the Pacifica Radio Archives. Thanks to Tom Whitmore for providing the material and getting permission from Pacifica Radio Archives. Contact Pacifica Radio Archives  to purchase a CD. Thanks also to Mark Olson for audio formatting. If you enjoy this, please subscribe to the FANAC YouTube channel.

December 6, 2016
We've added 3 issues of the Alberta Science Fiction Society fanzine from 1971-1972, courtesy of Dale Speirs. You can find them at either Alta-Ego  or at Great Nor'Western News. There are some familiar names in the ToC, including Mike Glicksohn, Susan Glicksohn (Wood), and John Mansfield. Thanks, Dale!

George Phillies sent us a PDFs of Issue 2  of Ionisphere, the Bulletin of the National Fantasy Fan Federation Fan-Pro Coordinating Activity. Thanks George.

We have updated the Fanac Names Cross Reference. There are currently 24,349 names in these listings.

We have added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, Vol. 35, No. 23, that was sent to us by Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Thank you both

Dale Speirs sent us PDFs of issues #10 (5.0 MB), #360 (3.7 MB), #9.1 (4.8 MB), and #9.5 (5.4 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

November 30, 2016
More newszines. Lots more newszines. Thanks to the scanning efforts of Joe Siclari, we have put up 35 issues of Andrew Porter's SF Weekly  from mid 67 to mid 68. Headlines include "Hugo Gernsback Dead" and "SFWA Settles with Sol Cohen of Ultimate Publications".

We also put up 4 hoaxzines  of the UK newszine Skyrack. Publication dates like May 35 should tell you when you're not reading the news.

In honor of Smofcon, due to start imminently in Chicago, we have posted the first flyer  for the first SMOFcon. Started in 1984 by co-chairs Joe Siclari, Theresa Renner and Ben Yalow, this convention has done wonders for the standard of operations for science fiction conventions. I have personally seen a concom change their minds about running a local convention after attending a Smofcon and realizing how ill prepared they were to do so.

To continue yesterday's newszine focus, today we have posted 2 more issues of Luna Monthly  from 1970. Issues 10  and 11  await your reading pleasure. All the Lunas have been scanned by Mark Olson.

We've also put up another 9 issues of Ron Bennett's newszine from the UK, Skyrack. Issues range from 1963 to 1966. All the Skyracks have been scanned by Joe Siclari.Soon to come -- hoax zines for this newszine.

November 29, 2016
Headlines getting you down? There is plenty of news waiting for you in the past. Today, we've added 3 more issues of Luna Monthly, from December 1969 - February 1970. Scans are courtesy of Mark Olson. Read about Isaac Asimov's "To Tell the Truth" appearance in Issue 7, or about Seabury Quinn in Issue 9. What a difference a handful of decades makes.

Do you feel the need for a good tendril-session? Do you miss the Wheels of IF? Has someone asked you to join their Cosmic Circle? If you have no idea what these words mean, then you need to understand Fanspeak. Enjoy this expanded version of Art Rapp's glossary, as published in 1952 by Lee Hoffman and Redd Boggs.

Another tidbit today from the Video Archeology crew. Thanks to Geri Sullivan, David Dyer-Bennet, Jeff Schalles and others, we have some Minneapolis fandom film that was used on the closed circuit channel at Big MAC in 1976. Welcome to Know the Hotel Staff, a film made "in cooperation with the Institute for Transtemporal Fannish Studies".

November 25, 2016
Dale Speirs sent us PDFs of issues #359 (3.6 MB), #67 (5.1 MB), #67.1A (5.4 MB), and #67.1C (5.1 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

November 22, 2016
George Phillies sent us a PDFs of November 2016's issue of The National Fantasy Fan Federation's The National Fantasy Fan. Thanks George.

November 17, 2016
Comics? Early comics? We added two issues of David A. Kyle's early fanzine Fantasy World. This is one of the earliest (1936) comics fanzines.

We added 4 newszines today, ranging from 1940 to 1968. All scans by Joe Siclari (and thanks Joe!).

-- The April 1940 issue of MidWest News & Views, edited by Mark Reinsberg.

-- A May 1968 issue  of SF Weekly, edited by Andrew Porter.

-- Two issues of the German SF Times  from 1961.

Another Video Archeology piece is now up on Youtube. A very young Joe Haldeman sings "Stan Long".

An interesting artifact added today. Thanks to Kerry Kyle, we have added a diary/autograph book  from Dave Kyle's 1965 trip to England for the British Worldcon, Loncon 2.

November 15, 2016
Added a number of photos from World Fantasy 2016. Taken by Frank Olynyk, these are photos of the author/artist autograph session. Thanks Frank!

Added two issues of Taral Wayne's new fanzine, Rat Sass. Thanks Taral!

November 12, 2016
Dale Speirs sent us PDFs of issues #358 (4.1 MB), #8.1 (5.2 MB), #8.5 (5.2 MB), and #9 (5.2 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

November 9, 2016
On our Youtube channel, we've added an audio recording with images  of the Guest of Honor speeches from Noreascon 2, the 1980 Worldcon. Bob Silverberg, as Toastmaster, gives great introductions, including a story about working with editor Damon Knight. Damon Knight's talk is full of life history and anecdotes including how he ended up with the Futurians ("Fred Pohl saved my life"). Kate Wilhelm's talk is a serious discussion of the nature of our reality. Several photos provided by Leslie Turek and by Andrew Porter. The photos from the Program Book were taken by Jay Kay Klein.

Added a few images for Noreascon 2. These are primarily PR covers and a few Guest of Honor pictures from the program book. Photos were taken by the estimable Jay Kay Klein.

Dale Speirs sent us PDFs of issues #44.1B.pdf (5.0 MB), #7.1 (5.0 MB), #7.5 (5.3 MB), and #8 (5.0 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

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