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July 14, 2019
Thanks to David Ritter, we now have the first volume of James Taurasi's Fantasy News  online. All issues are from David's collection, with the exception of issues 18 and 24 which are from the collection of James Halperin, Heritage Auctions. David did all the scanning. The issues run from June - December of 1938, coming out very regularly every two weeks. Today's addition is issues 11-26. Here you can read the fannish reaction (or at least Taurasi's reaction) to important events of 1938. Example: the issue 13 headline: "Greater New York Chapter of the Science Fiction League dissolved by Thrilling Wonder Stories", followed a few months later by the issue 21 headline: "First Queens SFL Meeting Huge Success. Mort Weisinger, Editor of Thrilling Wonder, Present". A big hoorah for David Ritter! Thanks!

We have 4 more issues of Bruce Gillespie's SF Commentary. Mark Olson has scanned issues 32, 34, 38, and 68 for us. The first 3 are from 1978 and issue 68 is from 1990. Thanks Mark!

George Phillies sent us PDFs of the July issue of The National Fantasy Fan Federation's Tightbeam, edited by George Phillies and Jon Swartz. This month's Tightbeam comes in two parts (as did last month's issue). Thanks George!

We also received a PDF of John Thiel's latest Ionisphere  from George Phillies. This is the Bulletin of the National Fantasy Fan Federation Fan-Pro Coordinating Activity. Thanks George!

George Phillies sent us a PDFs of June 2019's issue of The National Fantasy Fan Federation's The National Fantasy Fan. Thanks George.

We have added the last few issues of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter, including the latest - The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 38, No. 2, that was sent to us by Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Apologies for the delayed upload of the recent issues. was having a problem with mail from our new hoster. Thank you both, Mark and Evelyn for your patience and for the issues.

July 12, 2019
"Ain't Technology Grand" department - Mark Olson has provided a PDF of the Pavlat-Evans fanzine index  that is searchable! It's not 100%, eg there are some pages and characters that the OCR didn't grasp, but I ran 3 searches and 2 of them worked just fine. What a great improvement to those of us that use the Pavlat-Evans Index heavily. For those that don't, the index chronicles all the fanzines published from the beginning through to the December 1952. There are errors and omissions, but it's a very handy tool. Thanks Mark!

A real newszine treat, courtesy of David Ritter. He's scanned and provided us with the first ten issues of James Taurasi's Fantasy News, dating from the summer of 1938. The first headline of the first issue? "NEXT HELIOS TO BE LARGE SIZE!". A big thanks to David Ritter, and to Mark Olson who provided some reformatting support. This gives us 2886 newszines available online.

There are two more issues of Bruce Gillespie's SF Commentary  up - issue 19 (1971) and issue 29 (1972). Issue 19 is massive - it's 142 pages, and is a special John Foyster issue. Scanning by Mark Olson.

We have for you the (current) July issue of Leybl Botwinik's CyberCozen. Thanks Leybl!

Dale Speirs sent us a PDF of issue #448 of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

And finally, a teaser. We have the last two issues of Spaceways  coming soon, thanks to Susan Graham and UMBC. There are other zines from our scanning wish list as well that we'll be getting online as soon as we can. Thanks so much for helping Fanac fill in the gaps in the online archive of important zines.

July 10, 2019
Mark Olson sent us scans of 3 issues of Don D'Ammassa's Mythologies. Today we've added issues 15-17. Thanks Mark!

July 8, 2019
Two sterling additions to the archive today.

First, it's a YouTube day. Thanks to the careful archiving of Bill Burns, we have a 1970 recording of a talk by James Blish. From the YouTube description: An interesting talk tracing the history of science fiction from well accepted general literature to a literary ghetto and back to general respectability. With wit and insight, James Blish (who was also the respected critic William Atheling Jr.) talks about science fiction before the debut of Amazing,and his perceptions of the malign influence of the specialty magazine. Jim discusses the impact of technology on society's attitude towards science fiction, and where we might go from here. Audio recording enhanced with 40 images. Recording and photos provided by Bill Burns, who was part of the Sci-Con 70 committee. Link: 

Second, we've added a vintage Combozine. Scanned by Joe Siclari, we have added The Denventioneer 1, produced for the 1941 Worldcon, Denvention. Edited by 4e and Morojo, this includes special issues of VOM, Comet (Wright) including a Ray Bradbury piece, Fantasite (Bronson), Damn Thing (Yerke), Alchemist (Hansen), Pluto (Manning) and a few extras.

July 4, 2019
A few treats today for you:

The oldest is Damon Knight's Snide. We've added the Denventioneer issue, from 1941. The first page is more legible than the second, but if you blow it up you can read it. Scan by Joe Siclari.

From the 60s, we have Saint Fantony publications. First, from Keith Freeman and Stanley Nuttall, a very helpful explanation: The Most Noble and Illustrious Order of Saint Fantony, a history and structure. There's also the 1966 secret ballot  for election to the Order.

Dale Speirs was kind enough to resend a PDF of issue #445 (5.8 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Somehow I missed/lost it. Thanks Dale.

July 3, 2019
Today's zines:

Twig 16, 1960, edited by Guy Terwilliger. This issue has pieces by Ted White, Rick Adams and Miriam Carr, and art by Rotsler, ATom, Reamy and others. Scanning and contrast enhancement by Joe Siclari.

Foolscap, issues 1 and 2 from 1967. Edited by John D. Berry. Joe has enhanced the contrast on these to make them more legible. Scanning also by Joe Siclari.

July 2, 2019
Just returned from a few weeks away with family, celebrating our son's wedding. Apologies if your notes were not returned in a timely fashion.

A few updates to start with: thanks to Jonathan Baker for reporting the problem, the links have been fixed on the Other Conventions  index page.

We have updated the Fanac Names Cross Reference. There are currently 27,624 names in these listings.

Dale Speirs sent us PDFs of issues #446 (3.5 MB) and #447 (8.4 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

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