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When a collections of photographs is available on-line there may be faces that are not known to their current custodians. If you recognize one or more people in a photo that have not been mentioned in that photo's caption, or you know who the photographer was, please use the form that has been provided with the photo or send a note to the Fanac Webmaster and identify that individual or individuals. Information about what was happening in a photo would also be appreciated if it is not included in the photo's caption. Please use the photo's file name as the subject of the note so that we will know what photo you are referring to. For your convenience this e-mail address is repeated on each Index and Photo page. Thank you.

When you get to a photo that you may want to copy to your system simply click on the photo and then use your browser to save the image file. Clicking on the photo will give you a clean copy of the image file without the caption and other text that makes up the Web page. Because many of these photos may be copyrighted by the photographer or by other parties, care must be taken in their use for other than strictly personal enjoyment.

The reports that are available on-line have been provided through the courtesy of the authors of those reports. These are dedicated Science Fictions Fans who have attended the various conventions and have taken the time and effort to write of their experiences and impressions for the edification and enjoyment of others in the Science Fiction community. The moderators of this Web site wish to express their thanks for the efforts of these outstanding people.

As is the case with the Photo Albums, the material in the reports has been made available for your personal use and enjoyment. Any use other than that must be done with care because the material is copyrighted by the authors.

Some of the links on this page point to indices that contain several occurrences of the named convention, others point to a single occurrence of the convention. The number in brackets ([n]) following each convention's name indicates the number of occurrences of that convention that are available. When the convention's name is followed by an asterisk (*) it indicates that the link is to a remote site.

Albacon (Scotland) [3] [Revised]
Albacon Photo Album [1]
Ambercon [3]
Arisia [2]
Armadillocon [2]
ASFiCon 1982 [1]
Astronomicon 2009 Astronomicon [1]
Australian National Convention 2 1953 [1]
Autoclave [2]
B'hamacon II 1981 [1]
Balticon Photo Album [4]
BanffCon 95 1995 [1]
Boskone [27]
Canadian National Science Fiction Expo 1999 [1]
Canberra 1956 [1]
ChattaCon [2]
Chococon 1994 [1]
Cinecon 2 1966 [1]
ConCave 15 1994 [1]
ConCept-Boreal Photo Album [2]
ConClave [3]
Conestoga 2000 [1]
Confluence [3]
Confusion [3]
Conine 1988 [1]
ConQuesT [2]
Contact 1998 [1]
ConText 2006 ConText [1]
Contradiction 4 19?? [1]
ConVersion 2000 [1]
Corflu [6]
Costume Con 1986 [1]
DeepSouthCon Photo Album [54] [Revised]
Disclave [15]
Ditto [2]
DragonCon 2008 DragonCon [1]
EarthCon 1982 [1]
Eastercon Photo Album [22] [Revised]
FairCon 1981 [1]
Fan Fair III (Toronto) 1975 Fan Fair [1] [New]
FanHistoriCon Photo Album [2]
Fourth Street Fantasy [2]
FUNcon I - Future Unbounded Science Fiction Show and Convention 1968 [1]
Gaylaxicon Photo Album [1]
I-Con [1]
ICFA Photo Album [4]
ICon 25 2000 [1]
IllwisCon 1958 [1]
International SF Convention 1951 [1]
Istrocon 2001 Istrocon (Slovokia) [1]
Jophan Family Reunion, Birmingham, AL 1992 [1]
Lexicon 1989 [1]
Loncon 1951 [1]
Loscon [2]
LunaCon Photo Album [12] [Revised]
Mancon 1952 [1]
MarCon [2]
Metrocon 1954 [1]
Midwestcon Photo Album [19]
MileHiCon Photo Album [3]
Minicon [12]
Mythcon [3]
NASFiC Photo Album [9] [Revised]
Nebula_Awards [5]
Novacon 1998 [1]
Oasis [3]
OKon Photo Album [11]
Omegacon I 2002 Omegacon [1]
Omnicon [3]
Philcon Master Index [20] [Revised]
ReaderCon [10]
RiverCon [6]
Roc*Kon [3]
SciCon [2]
SMOFcon Photo Album [11] [Revised]
Soonercon Photo Album [4]
Star Trek 1975 [1]
Syncon [2]
TallyCon 1982 [1]
Toner 1996 [1]
Toronto Comic-Con Fan Appreciation Event 2009 [1]
Travelling Fête Photo Album [4]
TrekCon Photo Album [3]
Triple Fan Fare 1969 [1]
Tropicon Photo Album [17]
TusCon Photo Album [36]
Unicon 4 1978 [1]
Wellcon 1980 [1]
Westercon [15]
Windycon [5]
Wiscon 1998 [1]
World Horror Convention 1993 [1]
World_Fantasy_Conference [6]

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