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The South Florida Science Fiction Convention

Sponsored by the South Florida Science Fiction Society (SFSFS)

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The first Tropicon was held in 1982 in conjunction with that year's International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts in Boca Raton, Florida. It was run by a small but dedicated group of science fiction fans headed by Joe Siclari and Edie Stern. In addition to Joe and Edie there was Judy Bemis, Diane Goldman, Tony Parker, Becky Peters, David Singer, and Sue Trautman.

The Guest of Honor was Lee Hoffman. We had more program participants than we knew what to do with (because of the conference - to that time they never asked them to do anything except an occaisional reading and autographs). Joe got Chip Delany and Vincent Di Fate to come down as the conference special guests. Also attending was Fredrick Pohl, James Gunn, Fritz Leiber, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Somto Sucharitkul, Karl Hansen, Ellen Datlow, Dave Hartwell and more.

Subsequent Tropicons were put on as independent entities with many of the same people performing the multitude of tasks that make such undertakings a success. In 1985 this same group of people formed the South Florida Science Fiction Society and SFSFS formally took over the sponsorship of Tropicon. SFSFS has been the sponsor for all Tropicons since 1985 and will, we hope, continue with this worthwhile activity for the foreseeable future.

The South Florida Science Fiction Society is a nonprofit literary society recognized by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3).

Tropicon is a general interest Science Fiction Convention that is intended to appeal to a broad spectrum of Science Fiction Fandom. It is held in one of the many first class hotels in the South Florida area where special room rates are available for convention attendees. Activities that take place at Tropicon include, but are not limited to, the following:

VIP Party

Meeting the Pros has never been like this. Friday night, the first night of Tropicon, is time to meet our guests and to get to know Science Fiction Professionals and Major Fans in an informal setting. Wear comfortable clothes. Shoes are optional.


Eerie strains of acoustic music keeping you awake at night? Rhythms of unforgettable poetry obsessing your waking moments? (Rum titty titty tum tah tee..) Alien limericks exploding from your soul? Tropicon's filk may have nothing to do with these, but then again perhaps it might. Join us in the circle; it's lots of fun to listen and even more to participate and meet the Filk Guest of Honor. And remember, almost all SF fans sing in the same key. I think it's "J".

Art Show and Auction

In addition to the traditional artwork, our art show usually has unusual art by some promising young artists. Drop by and check it might be pleasantly surprised! Bring a writing utensil to enter your bids and money you can fold. Don't worry ... we'll have something you'll find you just have to have!

Dealer's Room

The variety of purchasable items is always diverse. In addition to those ever-present books, there is jewelry and comics and toys and games and t-shirts and buttons and filk tapes and lots more. Something for everyone!

SF and Fantasy Gaming

Tropicon provides facilities for SF and Fantasy gaming, including card, board, miniatures, role-playing, and live-action games. We have both scheduled gaming events and casual "pickup" games. The games presented are often based on works by Tropicon guests.

One of the wonderful things about gaming these days is that there are enough games around to simulate any possible genre, so that anyone will find a game that they will like, whether sword and sorcery, epic fantasy, cyberpunk, space opera, superheroes, historical romance, western, mystery, or anything else (including combinations).

In addition, we have a "Casino Night" which includes original games of luck and skill, designed by our very own Judi Goodman.

Video Room

Each year the Video Room provides the weird and unusual for our visual enjoyment.

Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Blood Drive

Tropicon sponsors the Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Blood drive during the convention. We will have books and buttons for those who donate. Give the gift of life, donate a pint of blood.

Con Suite

The Con Suite is usually full of surprises. Come in Friday evening for a late night chat and a handful of chips. Saturday, after the banquet, come by for our own South Florida special event. The music will be lively, and so will the talk. The Con Suite is open during the regular Tropicon activity hours, plus quite a few into the wee hours of the night/morning. So, drop in and kick your feet up. See ya there.

Charity Auction

In addition to the Art Auction, Tropicon also holds a Charity Auction to benefit a worthy local cause. Books, posters, SF memorabilia, and many other "must haves" are available to the highest bidder. Give generously, bid high, and help us to help others. Donations can be turned in at the Tropicon registration table.

Saturday Night Banquet

A great meal, interesting after dinner presentations by our Toastmaster and Guest of Honor, and some surprises appropriate for the occasion. Remember that those who attend the dinner will get the best seating for the speeches and entertainment, so make plans to attend!

Scheduled meetings

Numerous panel discussions, presentations, and demonstrations are scheduled throughout the three days of the convention.

As mentioned above, the first Tropicon was held in 1982 and, with two exceptions, there has been one held each year since then.

# Year GOH Toastmaster Chair Location
I 1982 (Mar) Lee Hoffman
Joe Siclari Boca Raton
II 1983 (Dec) Marion Zimmer Bradley
Joe Siclari Fort Lauderdale
III 1984 Forrest J Ackerman
Vincent Di Fate (Artist)

Joe Siclari Fort Lauderdale
IV 1985 Robert Bloch
Joe Siclari Fort Lauderdale
V 1986 Gardner Dozois
Nancy Atherton Deerfield Beach
VI 1987 George R R Martin
Kelly Freas (Artist)
Jack L Chalker Joe Siclari
Gail Bennett
Fort Lauderdale
VII 1988 Poul Anderson
Walter A. Willis (Fan)

Edie Stern Fort Lauderdale
VIII 1989 Lynn Abbey
Leslie Turek (Fan)
C. J. Cherryh Judy Bemis
Tony Parker
IX 1990 Hal Clement
Bruce Pelz (Fan)

Judy Bemis
Tony Parker
X 1991 Andre Norton
Joe Siclari
Gerry Adair
XI 1993 (Jan) Ramsey Campbell
Gerry Adair West Palm Beach
XII 1994 Judith Tarr
Gail Bennett (Fan)

Fran Mullen West Palm Beach
XIII 1995 Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Jael (Artist)
Ben Bova Steve Gold West Palm Beach
XIV 1996 James P. Hogan Mike Resnick Joe Siclari
Fran Mullen
Fort Lauderdale
XV 1996 (Nov) David Gerrold Peter David George Peterson Fort Lauderdale
XVI 1997 Esther M Friesner Josepha Sherman Judi Goodman Fort Lauderdale
XVII 1998 Neil Gaiman
Charles Vess (Artist)

Shirlene Ananayo-Rawlik
Pete Rawlik
Fort Lauderdale
XVIII 1999 Mike Resnick
Ron Walotsky (Artist)

George Peterson Hollywood, Florida
XIX 2000 Vernor Vinge
David Cherry (Artist)

Joe Siclari Hollywood, Florida
XX 2001 Lois McMaster Bujold
Jean Pierre Targete (Artist)
Robert J. Sawyer Shirlene Ananayo-Rawlik Hollywood, Florida

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