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The South Florida Science Fiction Convention

Sponsored by the South Florida Science Fiction Society (SFSFS)

January 12-14, 1996

Guest of Honor - James P. Hogan

Toastmaster - Mike Resnick

Special Filk Guest - Joe Haldeman

Our other Special Guests included

Authors Hal Clement, Linda Evans, Charles Fontenay, Joseph Green, Rick Wilber, Jack C. Haldeman II, Daniel Keyes (author of Flowers For Algernon), Adam-Troy Castro, artist Mary Hanson-Roberts, and the usual "cast of thousands".

The Velvet Comet

Velvet Comet sign & Bug Eyed Monster Meeting the Pros was never like this. Most Tropicon participants met the first evening at the Velvet Comet located, for the occasion, in the atrium area of the convention's hotel, the Doubletree Guest Quarter Suites in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A beautiful and relaxing setting for an informal opportunity to get to know each other and to meet our guests, both Science Fiction professionals and Fannish. As you can see, some of our guests traveled a long distance to attend.

Actually, that's Cyndi Warmuth under the mask.
Party from above

From the hotel's second floor balcony it was easy to see that the convention's members were enjoying themselves. Most of our guests were there to meet their fans, sign autographs, and generally make themselves known. There was an open bar for those who felt the need and, judging by the level of the sound that reached the balcony, the conversations were flowing freely.

Gaming table w/players

The Friday night VIP Party also featured alien gambling games with alien cashola. The participant's mission, and many chose to accept it, was to win as much alien cashola as they could, so that they could outbid their friends for those collectibles and unique items that were auctioned off at the end of the evening.

At the gaming table in the Velvet Comet are (L-R) Priscilla Olson (placing a bet) with John Fast and Tony Parker looking on. Dan Siclari is the croupier on the right.

The Friday Evening Filk

Joe & Gay Haldeman @ Filk

Eerie strains of guitar music keeping you awake at night? Rhythms of unforgettable poetry obsessing your waking moments? Alien limericks exploding from your soul? Tropicon's filk may have had nothing to do with these, but then again perhaps it did. Our Special Filk Guest Joe Haldeman and his charming wife Gay led the rest of us in the circle; it was lots of fun to listen and even more to participate.

The Saturday Banquet

Toastmaster Mike Resnick

After a dinner of Dolphin Jardinierre or Chicken Key West accompanied by a salad, rice pilaf, garden vegetables, dessert, and a beverage, Tropicon's members and guests were treated to a series of entertaining presentations led off by our Toastmaster, (on the left) Mike Resnick, after an introduction by SFSFS' Chairperson, Joe Siclari. Mike was followed by our Guest of Honor, James P. Hogan (Shown here with an unidentified fan at the Velvet Comet), (on the right) who continued the evening with some lively remarks that covered portions of his career and his current home in Ireland.

Guest of Honor James P. Hogan
Shirlene & Pete @ Dinner

One of the surprise happenings of the evening occurred when Pete Rawlik popped the question to Shirlene Ananayo, on bended knee yet! As you could guess by their expressions, she said "Yes".

A Saturday Evening Panel

Fontenay, Green, Keyes, Resnick on panel

Mike Resnick, Roger Sims, Jack Haldeman II and Joe Green on Odd Cons and Fannish Gatherings, one of our Saturday evening panels.

Charlie Brown, Saturn rockets, student riots, SWAT teams, bomb threats and 17 Japanese non-fans stuck in an elevator with MZB. These are some of the true stories of strange fannish gatherings. If you want the rest of the rest of the story, you should have been there to listen to our trepid reporters.

The Charity Auction

Joe Siclari @ auction This year's Charity Auction was held to benefit the Collier City Learning Library programs, coordinated by the Broward County Libraries Learning Services. There are 9 learning programs in all, each focusing on an age group or specific need. One of them is Each One Teach One, an adult literacy program that offers one-on-one tutoring services. There are currently between 1500 to 1600 children and adults participating in these programs.

Our intrepid auctioneer, Joe Siclari, kept things moving at a fast pace.

Some of our Guests and other Special People

Mary Hansen-Roberts Our Special Guest Artist, Mary Hansen-Roberts (on the left), brought a collection of her work that was displayed at Tropicon's Art Show.

Our Programming Co-Chairperson, Edie Stern (on the right), looked fantastic in a slinky black number at the Velvet Comet.
Edie in 'that gown'
Hal Clement & Godzilla Our Special Guest, Trivia Master Hal Clement, presided over this year's Trivia Contest accompanied by Godzilla, Tropicon's floating Trivia Trophy.

Jeffrey Kasten was the winner of the Trivia Contest. Mark Olson was one of the other finalists.
Dina Pearlman & Peanuts Dina Pearlman and Peanuts. Dina ran the Tropicon Model Building contest. A first for this Tropicon but, we hope, not the last. Aimed at children of all ages, it appeared to be a great success.

And the Winners were:
Position Winner(s) Entry
1st place Children's Entry: Hillary Pearlman and Beth Lyman "Space Station"
2nd Place Children's Entry: Liz Morgan "Space Station"
1st Place Adults' Entry: Patti Adams and Myra Hunter "Launching Pad and Ship"
2nd Place Adults' Entry: Dina Pearlman "Ship"
Fran & Joe Haldeman Our Co-Chairperson, Francine "Princess Franie" Mullen, presented a TROPICON XIV T-Shirt to our Special Filk Guest, Joe Haldeman, at Tropicon's Closing Ceremonies on Sunday.
Fran & George

Princess Frannie (on
the left) passed the Official (?) Tropicon Hat to George Peterson who will be the Chairperson of TROPICON XV that will be held November 8-10, 1996.

Sarah Clemens (on the
right), a talented and versatile local artist, at the Closing Ceremonies.

Sarah Clemmens


Co-Chairpersons Joe Siclari, Francine Mullen
Programming Edie Stern, George Peterson
Art Show Becky Peters
Blood Drive Dave Lyman
Charity Auction Dan Foster, Shirlene Ananayo
Dealer's Room Peter Rawlik
Con Suite Judi Goodman
Hotel Liaison Joe Siclari
Opertaions Nick Simicich
Registration Melanie Herz
Progress Report Shirlene Ananayo
Program Book Joe Siclari
Press Gang Dan Siclari, Ericka Perdew, Peter Barker, Peter Rawlik, Edie Stern, George Peterson, Jack Weaver
Publicity George Peterson, Carol Porter, Christina Santiago
The Velvet Comet Casino Judi Goodman
Croupiers Edie Stern, Sarah Clemens
Treasurer Peggy Dolan
FanHistoriCon Program Edie Stern
Staff Everybody

TROPICON XIV was sponsored by the South Florida Science Fiction Society, a nonprofit literary society recognized by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3).

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