Tropicon XX - November 9-11, 2001

Art Show

As always, the Art Show promises to be a truly pleasing visual experience not to be missed! Like the Dealers' Room, space is filling rapidly, so any interested parties are encouraged to contact Becky Peters, Art Show Deptartment Head via tropicon§ Your inquiry will be passed on immediately.

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Friday Night's "Butterbug and Ice Cream Social"

In honor of our GoH, the traditional Friday night "meet the guests" event (to be held in the Con Suite)will have lots of butterbug type refreshments on hand. C'mon folks, you're all made of sterner's only pudding...we promise! Still, for the faint of heart, there will be ice cream and potent potables for those of us at the chronological age of 21 or older...identification will be requested and required of all potential potent potable imbibers (say that three times fast!).

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Dealers Room

Worried about where you're going to find that special "something" for those hard-to-shop-for people in your life? Well, worry no more! While we have a reputation for being a little "book heavy" when it comes to vendors, this year promises to be a little different! There will be beautifully crafted wooden items, exquisite jewelry and lovely handmade head wreaths on sale! Rumours of swords and cosmetic "enhancements" for one's eyes have been heard. Don't fear, there will also be a goodly number of book vendors for the more traditional shoppers. Bring pocketbooks and consumer will be accommodated!

Oh, and lest I forget, a licensed massage therapist will be on hand to massage away your post-traffic tension upon your arrival. Do take advantage of his presence...don't let his horns or hooves scare you off...

Tables are selling at an alarming rate. If you would like to inquire as to availability, please contact Pete Rawlik at 561-844-6336 or prawlik§

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Saturday Banquet

On Saturday night, November 10th 2001 at 7pm, join us for a dinner buffet consisting of:



Banquet tickets are $35.00 per person, service charge and tax inclusive. Please make check's payable to "SFSFS" and mail to:

South Florida Science Fiction Society
PO Box 70143
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33307-0143

A Cash Bar will also be open from 6:45pm - 9:45pm.

Even if you can't make it to the Banquet itself, be sure to drop by immediately afterward for the Guest of Honor speeches.

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Panel Discussions & Other Goodies

Readings, interviews, slide shows. Oh, My!

In addition to the traditional fare, there will be the time-honored Trivia Contest as Mark Olson tosses out the question and lucky contestants dodge the wooden nickels that are aimed in their general direction (pending the correct response to a question, that is). We also hope to have another Fantiques Roadshow panel, so anyone with an interesting fan-related item (leave your priceless Bok originals at home, Joe, the con would not be able to bear the guilt if something happened to it!) can bring it in for the panelists and audience to "ooh" and "aah" over. Alien Artifacts will also be returning. Join us as the panelists gamely attempt to explain to you, exactly what the odd shaped phallic-shaped item was really used for! Judi Goodman plans to host a "Weakest Link" type event, with one liners supplied by her significant other, ATC.

A highlight that Programming hopes to carry off is a radio play type event that will be held after Saturday night's Banquet. "Actors" (i.e., anyone with a loud voice who is willing to read in public for a brief period of time) are encouraged to seek out Shirlene Ananayo-Rawlik (561-309- 2691, tropicon§ as soon as possible to inquire about parts.

Other Programming goodies are in the works, but we are not at liberty to divulge them at this time. You'll just have to attend to find out...or hear about it later!

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Interested in GMing? Want to know what games will be run during Tropicon? Please drop us a line at tropicon§ and you will be connected to the head of Gaming so that your conversation may proceed!

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Con Suite

It's the place to grab a drink, a handful of chips or veggies and discuss everything from your latest read, to world events (last year no one would leave the "voting in Florida" discussion alone...I'm sure the recent terrorist events will dominate this year). Drop by and join never know what's on the table or being discussed!

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Video Room

Anime! Anime! Anime! Yes, this year we'll be breaking from tradition and the Video Room will be having non-stop anime! If there's anything you're dying to see that you haven't seen in a long time, please e-mail your request to tropicon§ and we'll see what we can do! No promises...but I'm sure there will be lots of stuff for everyone!

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Charity Auction

Yes, of course there is going to be one! The main recipient will be a local adult literacy organization.

Currently, donations for the auction are being accepted both before as well as at the convention. Please contact Judi Goodman care of tropicon§ for more details regarding the dropping off of your donations. Thank you!

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Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Blood Drive

Keeping with tradition, we will once again sponsor the Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Blood Drive on at Tropicon. Virginia Heinlein has authorized the use of her husband's name in memory of the importance he placed on donating blood. Members are urged to donate year round but our special time will be at Tropicon XVII in November. (Tropicon account codes for later donations can be obtained at the convention.) The bloodmobile will be parked outside and there will be special goodies for those who contribute.

The blood supply in our country is becoming an endangered species as it is so dangerously low. Pints check out but they don't check in the way they used to. This is especially needed in South Florida in November as we enter the winter season and the many visitors increase the need for blood in local hospitals. Giving blood is safe and easy. Donate a pint at Tropicon (or even afterwards) and give the gift of life.

The Blood Mobile will be outside the hotel much of Saturday. Give Blood, Get Books. (Not to mention that thing about helping to save lives.)

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Late night filking will be scheduled in programming for anyone interested in filking into the wee hours of the morning!

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