Tropicon XIV 1996

TROPICON XIV was held January 12-14, 1996, at the Doubletree Guest Quarter Suites in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Tropicon XIV Program Book cover illustration by Gail Bennett.

Guest of Honor - James P. Hogan

Toastmaster - Mike Resnick

Special Filk Guest - Joe Haldeman

Our other Special Guests included

Authors Hal Clement, Linda Evans, Charles Fontenay, Joseph Green, Rick Wilber, Jack C. Haldeman II, Daniel Keyes (author of Flowers For Algernon), Adam-Troy Castro, artist Mary Hanson-Roberts, and the usual "cast of thousands".

Part 1 – General Photos 1

Part 2 – General Photos 2

Part 3 – Author/Artist/Editor Portrait or Individual Shots

Part 4 – Masquerades and Costumes

Part 5 – Panels and other Program Items

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