TAFF - pg 29

   We walked into the rear courtyard & I asked a kindly looking gentle-
man a couple of questions & really got sucked in.  He was a tout.
Started showing us around the Abbey & giving us all the history, etc.
He was so nice and polite I hated to rudely leave him.  He was like a
leech & by the time I figured out he must be a tout, we were sucked in
but good.  Michael kept referring to him as "The old bloke".  I fin-
ally gave him a 2 shilling piece to get rid of him, all of which' goes
for charity'.  I didn't want to waste a bright day on an inside tour.
And frankly, I didn't particularly give a damn about the Abbey anyway,
the inside that is.

   I photographed Parliment Square, Big Ben and things in that area
while we headed for the tube and to Waterloo station.  We then walked
across Waterloo Bridge and at a bus stop I asked for some directions
as to how to get down to the embankment.  A man & his wife walked half
way across the bridge to make sure I found the proper place, despite
my protests that they'd miss their bus.

   We walked along the embankment to Westminster Bridge, across the
bridge for a view of Big Ben & the House of Parliment.  It clouded
over and sprinkled a bit and as it was now getting into the late
afternoon, I went back to Charing Cross station with Michael.  Ted had
told me that Michael really hadn't been around London too much and
that if he got back to Charing Cross he could find the proper trains
home.  So, after paying off Michael, I rode to Tottenham Court and
then walked to the hotel, where I got in an hour's nap before Ron
Bennett met me at six.

   After a bite to eat we arrived at the Globe, where I met:  Mike
Moorcock, Sandra Hall, Ella Parker, Brian Jordan, Ken Cheslin, Mal
& Sheila Ashworth, Ken & Irene Potter & Lawrence Sandfield, Brian
Burgess, and some others I've forgotten.  One, I know, worked for a
Book Club.

   They all kept buying me drinks throughout the evening.  I don't
like beer, scotch, wine or ale.  I chose Gin and orange with ice and
found it a good standard drink to stay with.  The orange is a concen-
trate & can be diluted down a bit with water to make a highball.  The
ice usually presented a problem.  Two ½ cubes of ice was thought to
be sufficient for any man, but I demanded more.  I like a drink so
cold you can hardly hold it in your hand so drink it instead.

   Sandfield related his romantic adventures, which were brought on
by his guitar & irresistable charm with women.  Mike & Sandra seemed
interested only in each other & exchanged soulful looks all evening
long.  Later on, it was announced that they were engaged to be married.
Ken Cheslin is one of the new crop of budding British fans.  I'd been
getting copies of LES SPINGE and it was a pleasure to meet him.  He's
quiet, smokes a pipe and strikes me as being a fun loving chap.

   The Ashworths & the Potters related that they were not staying at
the convention hotel and wherever they were staying there wasn't en-
ough beds for all, so it was their turn (Ashworth's) to sleep on the
floor that night.  Mal is sort of quiet and as a TAFF candidate for
the Pittsburgh run, I was anxious to meet him.  He's taller than av-
erage and somewhat on the  serious side, as compared to his efferve-
scent companion. Ken Potter.  I rate Mal as a nice guy.  His wife,