appear that statements made by others (such as Chuck Harris) are attributed to you.
This is so because it has been Pelt in some quarters over here that the voice of Chuck
Harris is the voice of Walt Willis. So it is essential for better understanding that
your statement concerning your lack of responsibility fop the actions of Chuck Harris
be printed. In reality, I sat back and read a21 the controversy anent TAFF for some
time before Harris finally goaded me into answering.

   Anyway, Walt, thanks again for writing, and I'm sure our exchange here will do
wonders to "clear the ether".

        Chapters 4-5, 7-15 and the Appendix were originally serialized
  in Lynn Hickman's fanzines between 1958 and 1960. Specifically:
     Ch. 4 - JD 27                  Ch. l0 - JD-ARGASSY 43
     Ch. 5 - JD 28 c/w SCURVY 3,    Ch. 11 - JD-ARGASSY 44
           whole #30                Ch. 12 - JD-ARGASSY 47-48
     Ch. 7 - JD c/w SCURVY 31       Ch. 14 - JD-ARGASSY 51
     Ch. 8 - JD-ARGASSY 40          Ch. 15 - JD-ARGASSY 54
     Ch. 9 - JD-ARGASSY 42          Append.- JD-ARGASSY 40

        The present volume was stencilled by June Moffatt, printed by
  Bruce Pelz and Mike Glyer on the LASFS Gestetner, and Published by Hruce
  Pelz. FinancinG by the Fan Fund Publications Fund. Cover by Linda. Miller.
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