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Since the 1920s, fanzines have been the traditional means for S-F fans to communicate. "All knowledge is contained in fanzines" is a popular adage.

We will try to provide a selection of the popular and important fanzines of the past. We will also have a selection of representative fanzines so that you can see what they were like as well.

Many SF professionals started by writing and publishing fanzines. People like James White, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Isaac Asimov, Lois McMaster Bujold, Frederik Pohl and many others started as fans. Take a look through the zines on these pages and you will see them and many other great fanwriters like Walt Willis, Terry Carr, Susan Wood and I guarantee you will find some great material to read.

Initially, we will put these fanzines on the web as text or graphic files. Eventually we hope to provide all of the material as text files which will load faster and be searchable.


And get to read some great old fanzines? All of this work is done by volunteers. This is a fun place for you to help. If you would be willing to convert some of the material to text, even an article or two, it would greatly speed up the process. If you are interested, send email by clicking on my name below.

-- Joe Siclari
    Fan History Project Coordinator

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