The Acolyte #11

Francis T. Laney
Samuel D. Russell

Summer, 1945


The Acolyte #11, Vol. III No. 3

Art Director: R. A. Hoffman

Contributing Editors: Duane A Rimel, F. Lee Baldwin, Harold Wakefield

The Outsider Alva Rogers Art Front Cover
Table of Contents

Editorially Speaking The Editors Editorial 2
Fan Dealers The Editors Article 2
Acknowledgements The Editors Article 2
Criteria fro Criticism Francis T. Laney Article 3
      The Preliminary to a Survey
Prose Poems Arthur F. Hillman Verse 9
      Heritage, The Belle of the Ball, Release
Fantasy in Italy W. R. Gibson Article 10
Dark Era Burnham Eaton Verse 12
Conquetes Harry Warner Jr. Article 12
Grecian Rhapsody Robert Avrett Verse 14
      A Fragment
Interlude with Lovecraft Stuart Morton Boland Article 15
The Intruder Margaret Stavely Verse 18
They Ruby Diehr Verse 18
The Scientifictional History of the Future Elmer Perdue Article 19
      (Part 1)
Banquets for Bookworms Francis T. Laney Reviews 27
Fantasy Forum The Readers Letters 29
      scan by Lee Breakiron
"Chatter-Books" Weaver Wright Ad 32
      scan by Lee Breakiron

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