The Acolyte #14

Francis T. Laney
Samuel D. Russell

Spring, 1946


The Acolyte #14, Vol. IV No. 2

Art Director: R. A. Hoffman

Contributing Editors: Duane A Rimel, F. Lee Baldwin, Harold Wakefield

Cover William Rotsler Art Cover
Table of Contents

Editorially Speaking The Editors Editorial 2
A Defense of THE NEW ADAM John Hollis Mason Article 3
An Appreciation of the Prose Works of Clark Ashton Smith Richard Stockton Article 6
The Black Tower Thomas G. L. Cockroft Poem 7
European Horror Films Leslie Blanch Article 8
The Elephants' Graveyard Arthur F. Hillman Poem 10
The Acolytes Lilith Lorraine Poem 11
Vagrant Soul Berton Crane Story 12
Little Known Fantaisistes James Sandoe Article 18
Fantasy Marquee Forrest J Ackerman Column 20
Browsing With Bob W. Robert Gibson Article 22
The Pacificon Francis T. Laney Report 25
Vampire's Lullaby Tigrina Poem 25
Banquets for Bookworms Francis T. Laney Reviews 26
Fantasy Forum The Readers Letters 28
Last Minute Remarks Francis T. Laney Editorial comment 33
Return to Yuggoth W. Robert Gibson Art 34

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