The Acolyte #07

Francis T. Laney & Samuel D. Russell

Summer, 1944


Front Cover Maliano Art Front Cover
Table of Contents

Editorial Speaking The Editors Editorial 2
Morte Jambe T. Bruce Yerke Story 3
A Checklist of M.G. Lewis W. Paul Cook & R. H. Barlow Article 7
Summer's Cloud Anthony Boucher Story 8
The Family Tree of the Gods Clark Ashton Smith Article 9
Light Fantastic Arthur Kennedy Poem 10
Hoffmania: The Gods of Bal-Arkoth R. A. Hoffman Art 10M
The Harp Alan P. Roberts Story 11
Little Known Fantasistes Harold Wakefield Article 13
Regnar Lodbrug's Epicedium H. P. Lovecraft Poem 14
Shop Talk E. Hoffman Price Article 16
Dark Garden Richard Ely Morse Poem 19
The Small Dark Thing Duane W. Rimel Story 20
Satan's Hole Rita Barr Poem 24
Hoffmania: Unwanted Desire R. A. Hoffman Art 24M
Fantasy Forum
Letters 25
A Last Minute Editorial Samuel D. Russell Editorial 29
Back Cover John Giunta Art Back Cover

Page scans by Edie Stern

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