Many zines have been published that are primarily devoted to art. Often these are one-shots, or special publications. Sometimes they are supplements to fanzines that run with a regular schedule. Some zines run art sections regularly. In this index page we have the first two of these -- publications primarily dedicated to art, whether regular or one shots.

New issues will be listed in bold.

Title PDF Editor Month Day Year Pages Notes
Approah To Infinity PDF Morris Scott Dollens

Ian Gunn

distributed with Thyme
ATom Fan Calendar, 1959
Sandy Sanderson / Joy Clarke / Vince Clarke/ Arthur Thomson Winter
1958 14 scan by Joe Siclari
Battle of the Titans PDF Vaughn Bode / Jack Gaughan Summer
1969 28 initially in Ray Fisher's Odd 20, this version a reprint by Don Blyly for the Univ of Illinois SF Society
Harry Jenkins Jr


Fanzine for ATom/Rotsler
Ted Johnstone November
1964 9 scan by Joe Siclari
Fantasy Showcase Tarot Deck PDF Bruce Pelz

1980 113 Tarot Decks available from Elayne Pelz (send note to, scan by Mark Olson
Rotsler Art Zines
William Rotsler

art zines of various titles by Bill Rotsler
A Sketchbook for Dave English PDF Larry Stark June
1958 58

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