Many famous faces were to be seen in the lobby of the Hotel Metropole as the opening date of the Cinvention approached. Prominent among the early arrivals were Forrest J. Ackerman and E. Everett Evans, who were present early in the morning of September 2nd.

Doc Smith and Mrs. Smith arrived in the afternoon, and a certain Don Channing, alias George O. Smith, tottered wearily up to the desk, bowed but not broken under the weight of dozens of items of photographic equipment slug hither and thither on his person.

An overnight drive nonstop from Minneapolis brought Poul Anderson and others of the Minneapolis Fantasy Society to Cincy Thursday afternoon, and shortly thereafter Ray Palmer and Rog Phillips arrived from Chicago.


By Thursday evening such notables Lloyd Arthur Eshbach, Melvin Korshak, and Hannes Bok were among those present. Milt Rothman (Lee Gregor) arrived late Thursday.

But the pros or semi-pros were not the only earlybirds. As of Thursday evening, the list of fans present included such names as :

Martin Alger
Lee Armstrong
Neil Austin
Doc Barrett
Jean Bogert
Redd Boggs
Henry Chabot
F. E. Counts
Ed Cox
Pat Crossley
Lester Del Rey
Michael deAngelis
Franklin M. Dietz, Jr.
Ted Dikty
Ralph Fluette
Ted Forbes
Don Ford
Jack Gaughan
Gerald Gordon
Bill Groover
John Grossman
Frank Kerkhof
Bill Kroll
Ed Kuss
Sol Levin
Dave MacInnes
John Millard
Harry Moore
Ray Nelson
Arthur H. Rapp
Bob Stein
Ron Stone
Dale Tarr
Allison Williams
George Young
Erwin Stirmweis

.....and still the fen pour in!

Page scans by Melanie Herz

Data entry by Judy Bemis

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