Will Harry Moore go up to $100. this time? If he does, it may be for the oil painting by Virgil Finley, which was on the cover of FFM the issue containing "The Island of Dr. Moreau. " And, if other exceptionally high prices are recorded, it is no doubt they will be for the other cover paintings which will be in the auction tomorrow, two by Earle Bergsy, covers for the issues of EWS containing the stories "Call Him Demon" and "The Sleeper is a Rebel", or the cover painting of especial notice by Malcolm Smith, which is on the first issue of OTHER WORLDS, the brand-new prozine making its debut at the Cinvention.


Fantasy Press and Shasta Publishers are well represented with various originals contributed to the Cinvention, FP with several large A. E. Bonnell paintings for their dust jackets. Shasta most prominently with color plate proofs which show the step-by-step process used in making full color dust jackets of the Hannes Bok paintings for the book, "The Wheels of If"

Hannes Bok is also represented by an original of his for the story "Seven Out of Time". Cartier is represented by several drawings from the book "Sinister Barrier" and "Darker Than You Think", and Virgil Finlay and Lawrence have a large number of black and whites to represent them.

Practically all the prozines are represented by various additional drawings at the auction, with Krupa, Guinta, Astarita, McWilliams and Leydenfrost most prominent.

Reproductions of the illios from the brook "Patava, the Cave-Man," a Dutch publication, done by Jan Hendrick Sprenger, are also featured as Item #3, the artist being a prominent professional artist in his homeland, as well as a member of the Fantasy Artisans Club.

Several typescripts are also among the many items to be had at the auction, several large scrapbooks containing sets of "Tarzan" comic strips, and a collection of photo stills from fantasy and stfilms, collected by Bob Tucker.

And -- the most useless items to be seen are several unweildly volumes of FAPA publications.

The second auction also holds promise, notably at present containing many originals from the Fantasy Artisans Club exhibition. Represented are Sol Levin, Jack Gaughan, Henry Chabot, Jon Arfstrom, Bill Kroll, and John Grossman, to name those definite at present.

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