Progress Report #1

Nicholas L. Falasca

December 1954

Progress Report #1 Ed Scammacca Art Front Cover
Dear Convention Members Moreen Kane Falasca
Nicholas L. Falasca
Letter 2
Asimov! And Why David Marshall Masero Article 3
Shape of Things to Come
Column 4
More Information on the Mystery Guest
Article 5
More Information on the Mystery Guest
Article 5
S. L. I. The STF League of Indiana Ad 5
Fantasy Times Random House Ad 5
Manger Hotel
Article 6
Clevention Reinstates Achievement Awards Article
Collectors Items Gerry del la Ree Ad 8
Convention Souvineers to be Big Thing
Article 8
      Pending Fan Approval
New York in 1956 World Science Fiction Committee
for New York
Ad 9
Registered Convention Members
List 10
13th World Science-Fiction Convention

Mailing Label

Back Cover

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