Progress Report #3

Nicholas L. Falasca

May 1955

Progress Report #3 Ed Scammacca Art Cover
Willy Ley to Speak
Article 2
Is the Mystery Guessed?
Article 2
Achievement Awards
Article 2
Shape of Things to Come
Column 3
Souvenirs Win Approval
Article 4
N.S.B. Reports
Article 4
Act NOW to Secure Entire Hotel for Con
Article 5
Achievement Awards (Cont'd)
Article 5
New York in 1956 World Science Fiction Committee
for New York
Ad 6
Rotation Plan
Article 7
      and it's Affect on Future Conventions
Ads 10
Article 11
Recent Registrations
Listing 12
Breakdown of Registration by Cities and States
Listing 13
Ads 14
N.S.B. Reports (Cont'd)
Article 14
13th World Science-Fiction Convention

Mailing Label

Back Cover

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