Progress Report #4

Nicholas L. Falasca

July 1955

Progress Report #4 Ed Scammacca Art Cover
Trans Atlantic Fan Fund (TAFF)
Article 2
Achievement Awards
Article 3
New York in 1956 World Science Fiction Committee
for New York
Ad 4
Shape of Things to Come
Column 5
Registration Distribution Throughout the Country
Map 6

Registration List
Listing 7
Convention Rules
Article 8
SF Personalities
Cartoon 10
The Porpise Bookshop Patricia Evans, Judith Evans H. H. Evans Ad 12
What's on the Menue
Article 13
Article 14
Trans Atlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) (Cont'd)
Article 14
Ads 15
Registration List (Cont'd)
Listing 15
Convention Rules Cont'd)
Article 16
The Imortal Storm ASFO Press Ad 16
Special Feature
Article 17
Shape of Things to Come (Cont'd)
Column 17
Ads 18
Convention Committee
Photo 19
Downtown Cleveland
Map Back Cover

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