Confusion Vol 2 No 2 #14

Shelby Vick

February 1953


Art Exhibit Rich Bergeron art Cover
contents addendum Shelby Vick
Contents Shelby Vick Contents Contents
artist Shelby Vick illo Contents
The Ballance Sheet Shelby Vick Editorial 1
things in balance Shelby Vick illos 1
Beer & Buttermilk Vernon L. McCain (science? Column) 2
rep illo 3
Gateway J L Green column 4
Two Little Men In a Flying Saucer Arthur Pitt-Blaine song lyric 4
two little green men '85
illo 4
The Men Who Sold Moonshine R. H. Orrey poem 5
spacescape Shelby Vick illo 5
Revelation Isabelle Dinwiddie poem 6
Song of a Spaceman s Baby Rory Faulkner poem 6
space baby Shelby Vick illo 6
Address Delivered Before the Athens Explorer s Club Ergophobia article 7
Neophytis DDS L W Carpenter article 8
Watch it! Shelby Vick previews and illo 9
S_x & S-F Dave Hammond article 10
Lazy Letter-survey Shelby Vick
Lookit Me, Maw I m a Huckster! Shelby Vick ad 13
The Return Of The Space Beagle Bob Shaw comic vsb1
In The Midst Of Confusion Gregg Calkins column 14
The Astounding SF Story Cal Beck article 22
odds and ends Shelby Vick comments and Worldcon ad 26
Sound Off! Shelby Vick et al letter column 27
Something Up Our Sleve Shelby Vick illo 38

Page scans provided by Judy Bemis

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