Program Book

Suzanne Carnival and Don C. Thompson

September 3-7, 1981


Scans by Mark Olson

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Page Title Author Type Notes
FC Cover
Wrap around cover
IF Inside Front Cover
Inside front cover
3 Denvention Two

5 Committee and Table of Contents
6 Ad for OMNI magazine

7 An Open Letter to C.L. Moore Robert Bloch article
9 Clifford D. Simak, an appreciation Poul Anderson article
12 Fan Guest Rusty Hevelin, Himslef Bob Tucker article
13 The Only True Story of Rusty Hevelin Joe Haldeman article
14 The E. Winslow Bryant Caper Howard Waldrop article
19 Map
20 Hotels

23 Program and Notes

25 About Art Gail Barton

28 The Nymph of Darkness C.L. Moore and Forrest J Ackerman fiction
37 The World of the Red Sun Clifford D. Simak biography
41 The Moore Simak Portfolio of Illustrations
80 Ah, Wilderness (forty years of Colorado fandom) Don C. Thompson article
86 Roy Hunt - Colorado's first fan artist
91 1981 Hugo Nominees

93 Previous Hugos and Worldcons

97 1983 Site Selection

98 The Sorrows of Synchronicity Edward Bryant article
99 Denvention One Membership Update

101 In Memoriam

103 The World Science Fiction Society Constitution August 1981

107 Rules for the Worldcon Business Meeting

109 Business passed on to Denvention Two

111 The Denvention Tw Membership

138 Map of Attendees

IBC Inside Back Cover

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