Enchanted Duplicator, The

Walt Willis
Bob Shaw



The Enchanted Duplicator has been published in many editions.

New issues will be listed in bold.

Title Month Day Year Pages Notes
Enchanted Duplicator First Edition

1954 28 A Serious Constructive Insurgent Publication
Enchanted Duplicator Text

1994 18 from GHUTENBERG'S BHIBLE -- Section 7-b (Appendix B) -- Copyright © 1994 by Greg Hills
Enchanted Duplicator 1962 Edition

1962 42 edited by Ted Johnstone with Eddie Jones illos
Enchanted Duplicator 1971 Edition

1971 39 from Ross Chamberlain
Enchanted Duplicator 1979 Edition

1979 46 Seacon Fanroom Publication
Enchanted Duplicator (script, 1982) March
1982 28 Adaptation by Shelley Dutton Berry, Gary Farber, and Jerry Kaufman performed at Norwescon 5, provided by Jerry Kaufman
Enchanted Duplicator Program for Norwescon 5 production March 19 1982 10 Shelley Dutton and the Razz Bazz Rep
Enchanted Duplicator 1983 Edition

1983 38 illustrations by Dan Steffan, produced jointly by Constellation and Editions Dante
Enchanted Duplicator 1988 Edition

1988 30 published by Greg Hills (Australia)

Scan by Mark Olson

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