The Fanac Fan History Project

Information Update #1
6 May 1999
For more information or to help, contact
Joe Siclari,
FANAC Fan History Project Coordinator

Periodically, we will issue an Update to tell you what is going on with the FANAC Fan History Project. These Updates will contain information about changes to our web site, publications we are issuing, our exhibits, and other related information. To keep current on what we are adding, you can sign up on our new Fanac-Updates list on our home page ( We will not give any addresses out. This being the first Update, I expect it will be longer than most.

We have added a lot of material to the Fan History Project web site ( in the last few months. We now have nearly 20 fanzines on the site in text or graphic format ( and links to hundreds more. We are closing on 1,00 photos from Worldcons (, other conventions ( and fan groups from around the world ( The material comes from the 1930's right up to 1999.

We are reorganizing the web site to make the information more accessible. In addition to the items listed above, we have over 10MB of material for you to go through. From fannish references, fancyclopedias, fan histories, and enormous bib liographies at to a Cross Reference list of nearly 9,00 fen who are mentioned on the FANAC Fan History Project web site at It's a virtual Who's Who of Fandom. See if you are listed. If not, why not? Help us document your fandom.

This is only a partial list of the New Material:

  1. Fan History For Sale ( we have added a page where you can find fanhistorical publications available to purchase from a variety of sources. This is a free listing as a service for fans. If you have an appropriate publication, contact us.
  2. Classic Fanzines on-line
  3. ( among the fanzines we have recently added are issues of Cosmag, Cry of the Nameless, Fantasy Magazines, Helios, Hyphen, Novae Terrae, Science Fiction Digest (195s), Slant, Spaceways, A Warning!, and Wastebasket.
  4. Modern Fanzines on-line
  5. ( and Electronic Fanzines ( text copies and links to hundreds of fanzines are available here, ranging from Plotka to the Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet; from Ansible to Tommyworld.
  6. Our Fan Photo Albums ( have increased dramatically with photos from Irish, English and Detroit fandoms, several fan fund trips and much more. Take a look.
  7. Worldcon and Convention Photo Albums: we have added too much to list all the photos here. Entirely new sections include: Albacon, BucCONeer, Channelcon, Chococon, Clevention, Confluence, ConStellation, Corflu Nova, Eastercon, Faircon, the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, the International Science Fiction Convention, NorthAmeriCon, SFcon, Westercons and the World Fantasy Con. Literally hundreds of photos have also been added to: MagiCon, Intersection, Noreascon III LoneStarCon II, LAcon 3, Philcon, SMOFcon, Boskone, Tropicon, and XIIcon.
  8. Fan References: added Fancyclopedia II, Lee Gold's "Filk History" and updated several of the Fanzine Bibliographies.

There is more being added all the time. We are working on a number of larger projects like the Master Fanzine Checklist and indices to major fanzines. So bookmark and keep checking back.

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