Fan-Fare Vol 3 No 3

W. Paul Ganley

May 1953


Cover Charles Momberger Art Cover
Publishing Notes and Contents
Ent'acte W. Paul Ganley Editorial 2
The Annals of AArdvark Harlan Ellison Fiction 3
Three AM Walt Klein Verse 9
The Gothic Horror George Wetzel Fiction 10
At Takeoff Time R. L. Clancy Verse 12
Loose Ends Jean Reedy Fiction 13
A Time to Love Don Howard Donnell Fiction 17
Assay Report
Feature 21
Nove Keran O'Brien Verse 22
The Sea at Evening A. Duane Verse 22
Tavern Mood Walt Klein Verse 22
What the Cat Dragged In
Feature 23

Page scans provided by Judy Bemis

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