Fandom on Parade

Van Splawn



To view a Fandom on Parade  issue that is available on-line, please click on its Headline column.

Issue Month Day Year Headline Type Notes
Fandom on Parade 1 October 5 1945 3 Futurians Ousted Card
Fandom on Parade 2 October 5 1945 PROMAG SITUATION - Unknown probably will not be continued Card
Fandom on Parade 3 October 10 1945 fmz called Phoenix Card
Fandom on Parade 4 October 13 1945 Don Wollheim will reply to the concerning statement in FANEWS Card
Fandom on Parade 5 October 17 1945 ACH HIMMEL! DEPT: Don Wollheim will sue for libel Card
Fandom on Parade 6 November 1 1945 STATEMENT BY SHAW: "Yes, DAW's sueing us" Card
Fandom on Parade 7 November 24 1945 FMZ OUT: Stefnews #20 (Speer), Acolyte #12 ... Card

Scans by Joe Siclari

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