NO OTHER MAN. by Alfred Noyes. Alfred Noyes has presented a tender, moving novel of almost poetic proportions. The somewhat philosophically religious theme detracts in no way from the forcefull characterizations delineated in the persons of Mark and Evelyn. These two, on a planet practically untenanted by a last resort "unknown weapon" attempt to find and do find a basis for a life of peace and happiness.

Motivation in some instances appears ineffective. Nevertheless, this story which unfolds with the inglorious end of a generation saturated with false ideologies, starts anew with our two protagonists, Mark Adams and Evelyn Hamilton seeking to found a "brave new world".

Suspence is enhanced by Mark's realization that despite the apparent wholesale deaths, someone in the near vicinity is very much alive, and very much a woman. His search for and discovery of Evelyn is a major hilight of the book.

The element of danger is not well presented with the introduction of Mardok, the "unbalanced genius" whose desire for Miss Hamilton is not what one might term entirely conventional.

Much if not most of the locale is laid in Italy, where Noyes' descriptive powers as a poet come to the fore. In these chaotic days, "No Other Man" is a narrative well worth the reading -- perhaps twice.

-Eric Atlas

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