Roadtripping With the Wheels of IF

Geri Sullivan



In November, 1987, Walt Willis published Hyphen 37 in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the founding of Irish Fandom. He sent a copy of the fanzine to Geri Sullivan. She wrote a letter of comment (LoC) -- standard fannish practice, albeit one all fan editors wish more readers would do.

Walt then replied *directly* to Geri's LoC. His action was so far from the fannish norm that he acknowledged that in his first sentence: "I know it's not done to send letters of comment on letters of comment: everyone knows there no telling what that sort of thing might lead to -- maybe even *correspondence."

Walt's reply led not just to correspondence, but to Geri joining other fans the Wheels of IF welcomed into their lifelong circle of friends. Like fandom itself, the circle spanned generations and continents. "Roadtripping with the Wheels of IF" is a 74-page collection of articles, correspondence, fan art, and photos by and about these fannish jiants of yore: Walt Willis, James White, Chuck Harris, and Vin¢ Clarke with Ireland and Irish Fandom as a backdrop throughout. Come. Join the circle. Read on.

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Cover ATom (Arthur Thomson)
Intro Geri Sullivan
The letter that started it all Walt Willis
The Exorcists of IF James White
      The power of friendship and the joy of fandom in troubled political times conveyed in James White's outstanding piece of fan fiction, "The Exorcists of IF", from Hyphen 37, pg9
The Exorcists of IF Endnotes Walt Willis
      From Hyphen 37, pp 8 & 58-60
Walt Willis in the Oblique House fanattic photo by Geri Sullivan
      November 1989
Letter from James to Geri James White
Letter from Geri to Walter & Madeleine Geri Sullivan
Seamstress Kay Drache and James White wearing velvet smoking jacket at Toad Hall Photo by Geri Sullivan
      September 1992
Walt Willis at Tropicon 7 Geri Sullivan
      December 1988
Life at Oblique House, technological obsolescence Walt Willis
      Warhoon 28, originally Warhoon 11
Geri with Walter & Madeleine at Tropicon December 1988 Photo
Analyzing the creative process Walt Wills
      Fanwriting skills masterclass in two essays from Walt Willis' long-running column "The Harp that Once or Twice." First, the essay itself, then an in-depth description of how he constructed and wrote it. From Warhoon 12, pp 22-25
Letter from Chuck to Geri Chuch Harris
Picnic photo
      Taken in 1954 - duplicated and reprinted by Jeff Schalles, 1990
Through Darkest Ireland with Knife, Fork & Spoon Chuck Harris
      Chuck Harris presents the rules of Ghoodminton! and oh, so much more in "Through Darkest Ireland with Knife, Fork & Spoon"
Vin¢ Clarke photo by Geri Sullivan
      At Rob and Avedon's after Intersection (1995)
Vin¢ Clarke memorial card Geri Sullivan
Letter from Vin¢ to group Vin¢ Clarke
Letter to Jophan Vin¢ Clarke
      Vin¢ Clarke's observations about fandom in the early 1980s after more than 20 years away. From Not Science Fantasy News 1, pp 1-2.
A few notes on Easter 1982 Vin¢ Clarke
      Not Science Fantasy News 1, pp 3-5
Letter excerpt from Teresa Nielsen Hayden Teresa Nielsen Hayden
      Q, May 1986
Aspects and Inclinations Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden
      Visit Walter and Madeleine Willis at Strathclyde, their home in Donaghadee, N. Ireland, in Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden's "Aspects and Inclinations". From Hyphen 37, pp 39-45
Chuch Harris & Geri Sullivan
      Photo, Mother's Day 1989
Cheshire cat envelope from Chuck to Geri

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