Autobiography of a Scientfictionist

By Morris S. Dollens

(Amateur artist and editor of the Science Fiction Collector, Fantasy Fiction Digest, etc.)

Back in 1933, when I first began to read science fiction, I never dreamed that I would publish a fan magazine, but somehow, in May, 1936, I started on the 16 page, tri-weekly, Science Fiction Collector. Featured in the first few issues were "Platinum Planetoid" a short story, and "The Time Ray", a serial cartoon, various indexes and "How to Bind Science Fiction Magazines", plus other features. The magazine was combined with Fantasy Fiction Digest. The combine for various reasons proved unsuccessful. Previous to the ninth issue (which contained 32 pages and a 2,500 word story "The Last Dimension") the magazine was hand printed. With that and successive issues we have been able to type more and more of the material. All art work has been done by Morris S. Dollens and John V. Baltadonis. The variety of hektograph inks allows us to use numerous illustrations in color. In January, 1937, H. S. Kirby gave all rights to the Fantasy Fiction League over to me, although I may, because of other activities, be forced to drop it. Only one issue of Fantasy Fiction Digest has appeared separately -- Jan 21, 1937. The next issue of the Collector will contain 20 large size pages. This is the first anniversary issue and it will also contain stories, articles, and departments by Dollens, Moskowitz, Baltadonis, Beck, Wiggins, etc.

As to my artistic inclinations, I've done work for the Fantasy Fiction Telegram, a cut for "Phantasy World", The Atom, will do all the art work for the Science Fiction Fan in the future and probably cuts for Science Fiction Critic and Helios.

I am now working on Science Adventure Stories.

(Data entered by Judy Bemis)