The Science Fiction Convention was highly successful. Ironically enough the I. S. A. who sponsored it plans to do away with most activities in the I. O. and cater largely to the purely scientific fan. Over fifty were present. Among them, Otis and Allen S. Adelbert Kline, Hornig, Weisinger, Schwartz, Conover (all the way from Maryland) Wollheim, etc.

George R. Hahn (Fantasia Fame) who is 14, entertained himself by shooting spitballs at Jim Blish and Wm. H. Miller amidst the gurgling of Science Fiction Specials (Ice cream sodas to you).

Jim Blish lived in continuous worry. The economical chap had spent 95¢. 5 cents more than his estimate. (He came all the way from East Orange, N. J., to Long Island, N. Y.) Our guess is ice cream sodas. What say?

Two little ducky twelve year olds who insisted on nosing in everyone's business, had a grand time playing grand canyon between the taller members' legs.

Dick Wilson (Atom Ed.) who boldly asked for informality in his first editorial, soundly tch-tched every breach of etiquette at the convention.

Willis Conover dazzled everyone by his radiant personality.

Doc Lowndes proved himself quite an amiable chap; isn't there a Robert W. Lowndes who resides in Canada?

Our Newark gang apologizes for non-representation. The car broke down (good excuse anyway).

(Data entered by Judy Bemis)