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The 63rd World Science Fiction Convention and 2005 Eurocon was held in Glasgow, Scotland, from the 4th to the 8th of August 2005. Attendees were presented with a unique CD conceived by Colin Harris and produced by Deb Geisler that contained not only copies of the publications that were created for this Worldcon but samples of documents, images, art, and other items of general interest to Science Fiction fans. Also included were historic information about previous UK Worldcons and materials provided by friends of Interaction. Production and preservation of this material has been sponsored, in part, by Voyager 10.

Stupid vendor tricks:

The CD got to Interthingy late. We got it to the production company on time...we gave them everything they'd asked was clear, concise, etc. But, come the day we should have started distributing it, the sucker's not there. Bastids.

I'll spare you the long, involved saga...and cut to the chase. The CD showed up, the cardboard slides for them never did, and fortunately I'd remembered (at the very end of pre-production) to create the design for the actual CD top, so people knew what the title was.

Now (August 2005), the CD covers are apparently (FINALLY) on their way to Alice Lawson (she of the infinite patience -- the Interthingy DH in charge of "Services" and one of the kindest, coolest people I've worked with at a Worldcon ever). We get a discount, they send us the sleeves. Now we get to distribute the sleeves to whoever we can get them to.

– Deb Geisler

Recently Doug Brown was kind enough to send us his copy of the Wondrous Things CD and Vincent Docherty has given us permission to use its material. This is our attempt to preserve the "flavor" of this unique piece of work and to make it available to all who are interested in this material.

This is not a exact duplicate of the CD, it is has been modified to fit needs of the on-line environment. We have also taken the liberty of moving some of the material to our own directories so that it's now available through Fanac's indices as well as through this "virtual" CD. In other cases we have changed links that were limited by the off-line environment to links to the actual on-line sites. PLOKTA is an example of the former and eFanzines an example of the latter.

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The cover art used a sampled section of the original Jim Burns art used on the souvenir book cover and graphics by Geri Sullivan

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