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1948 - ???


The Wheels of IF (IF=Irish Fandom) were ghiants. They were not just important locally, but in the U.S. as well. They influenced and interacted with fans all over the world. They inspired the creating of fan funds. Fandom rotated on the Belfast/Savannah Axis. They published focal point fanzines like Hyphen and Quandry. They created legends like the Fort Mudge Steam Calliope & Locomotive Company and Proxyboo Ltd. We're starting with issues of the Walt Willis fanzines Hyphen, Peace on Sol III, and Slant. There will be Goons, Glass Bushels and Random AToms. This index will link you to notable fanzines and one-shots published by Irish fandom.

New issues will be listed in bold.

Issue PDF Editor Month Day Year Pages Notes
ATom, a Tribute
A. Vincent Clarke April
1990 67 provided by Geri Sullivan, scanned at Boskone 2019- note that blank pages have been removed
Larry Shaw / Noreen Shaw

Axe was started as a fundraising device for the 1962 Willis fund
Beyond the Enchanted Duplicator ... to the Enchanted Convention
Walt Willis / James White


BoSH Goes South PDF Bob Shaw / Charlotte Proctor August
scan by Rich Lynch
Shelby Vick

Shelby Vick instigated and supported the first Willis Fund in 1952
Cry of the Nameless
F.M Busby / Wally Weber

"Irish" John Berry contributed a long running column to almost every issue of Cry
David Patterson

North Down Science Fiction Group
The Enchanted Duplicator
Walt Willis / Bob Shaw February
text version, date is the original publication
The Enchanted Duplicator (scanned)
Walt Willis / Bob Shaw

1983 38 illustrations by Dan Steffan in this 8th edition
The Enchantment PDF Walt Willis

1989 37 a Tropicon VII trip report
Fables of Irish Fandom
John Berry / Ken Cheslin

Fen Crittur
Walt Willis / Bob Shaw Autumn
1952 18 Drawings by Bob Shaw, assisted by Vince Clarke
First Contact
Robert Elliott

Newsletter of the Irish Science Fiction Association, provided by Philippa Ryder
Focal Point 12.5, Special Bob Shaw issue
rich brown / Arnie Katz August
1970 51 provided by Geri Sullivan, scanned at Boskone 19
The G.D.A. Casebook 1959
John Berry August
1959 40 scan by Joe Siclari
Goon But Not Forgotten
Jack Harness October
1959 14 scan by Joe Siclari
Goon Defective Agency Publications
John Berry

Goontact 13
Vince Clarke, Joy Clarke, Sandy Sanderson, Chuck Harris April 1 1957 4 distributed with OMPA 11 and FAPA 78
The Harp Stateside
Walt Willis February
1957 73 illustrated by Arthur Thomson
Walt Willis

Walt Willis October
1951 4 one shot letterzine
Brenda Ryder

James White's Sketchbook
James White

1948 30 sketches done on the back of a receipt book from the tailor shop where he worked, from the collection of James Bacon, scanned at Dublin 2019
Lonconfidential PDF Chuck Harris December

Peace on Sol III
Walt Willis

Walt Willis

done for FAPA
Michael Carroll

"Ireland's only Phunny Fantasy Journal"
Pot Pourri
John Berry

Lee Hoffman

Lee was the Savannah end of the Belfast/Savannah Axis
John Berry / Arthur Thomson

The Scarr
George Charters

The Scottish Influence on Sector General (James White Guest of Honor Speech at Albacan II, the 1983 Eastercon) PDF James White April
1983 7 provided by Ian Sorensen who also corrected the transcript from its OCR version
Brendan Ryder

provided by Philippa Ryder
Walt Willis

Kenneth Bulmer

Through Darkest Ireland with Knife Fork and Spoon
Chuck Harris

1954 29
Tommy Ferguson

Walt Willis

reprint zine
John Berry / Arthur Thomson

OMPA zine
Richard Bergeron

Warhoon included a long-running column by Walt Willis
Walt Willis July
1954 4 "A Burbee-type one-shot" for FAPA 69
Willis Discovers America
Walt Willis

1952 24 written in 1952, this edition published in 1955, provided by Geri Sullivan, scan by Mark Olson
The Willis Fund Papers, Announcement, Invitation and Raffle

1961 7 for the fund to bring Walt Willis to the 1962 Worldcon
The Willis Papers
George W. Fields / Ted Johnstone

illustrated by ATom, scanned version
The Willis Papers
George W. Fields / Ted Johnstone

illustrated by ATom, retyped articles
Walt Willis

done for OMPA

Scans by Joe Siclari

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