Now it can be told fifty years after the fact! From September 1950 through December 1952, Lee Hoffman was widely acclaimed as editor and publisher of the star-studded fanzine Quandry. Issue after issue appeared in the mails as if by magic, filled with scintillating articles and stories by Big Name Fans or so it appeared at the time. Fans all around the world (and Belfast) hailed the fanzine, praised the editor, begged for more ... more ... more!

The startling secret kept for fifty years can now be told! The accompanying photograph exposes the naked truth – Hoffwoman kept a hapless peasant chained in a locked room, manacled to a primitive manual typewriter, typing on primitive wax stencils to produce that wondrous fanzine! Oh, the hidden horror of it all. Those trenchant editorials were written by the slave; those dangerous serials credited to Harlan and Agberg were composed by this serf; those witty articles were penned by this wretched peon; the magnificent covers were drawn by this starving artist. He did the work, she got the credit. This revelation will plunge all fandom into war!

Let the bare facts be known fifty years later!

- Bob Tucker

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