Minicon 19

Minnesota Science Fiction Society

April 1-3, 1983

Program Book

The Minicon 19 Program Book is by the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, except for portions by Ken Fletcher and Erin McKee, which are copyright by them. The whole thing, including Ken and Erin's contributions, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

This ignores the copyright of advertisers, who we assume wouldn't mind more free exposure.

There is also a version of this program book available.

Minicon Ken Fletcher & Dave Egge Art Cover
Minicon, uh..... 19

Inside Front Cover
Registration, T-Shirts, Concert Gnus
Misc 3
Policies & Other Good Things to Know
Information 4
Con Suite
Information 4
Weapons Policy
Information 5
Artshow & Auctions
Instructions 6
Pro Guest of Honor Don Bailey Introduction 8
      Larry Niven
The Descent of Anansi TOR Ad 9
Pro Guest of Honor (Cont'd) Don Bailey Introduction 10
Pro Guest of Honor Don Bailey Bibliography 10
The Winds of Altair TOR Ad 11
Pro Guest of Honor (Cont'd) Don Bailey Bibliography 12
Sky Ripper TOR Ad 13
Fan Guests of Honor Will Shetterly Introduction 14
      Pamela Dean & David Dyer-Bennet
Artist Guest of Honor Kara Dalkey Introduction 16
      David Sim
Article 18
Hotel Map
Floor Plan 19
Schedule of Events
Program Center Fold
Map 22
Musician Guest of Honor Spider Robinson Introduction 23
      'Spider' John Koerner
1986 Philadelphia
Ad 26
X-Con 7
Ad 27
Toastmaster Pat Wrede Introduction 28
      Steven K. Zoltàn Brust
Celebrating a Quarter Century of Human Experiences
Art 30
Proxy Guest of Honor Dave Romm Introduction 31
Melbourn Australia 1985
Ad 32
Ad 33
Minnesota Munchie Movement Rick Gellman Information 34
Atlanta in '86
Ad 35
Huckster Room, Mimeo Room, Child Care
Schedules 36
Bloomn'con II
Ad 37
Films, Omnitheater
Schedules 38
Artists Credits
Credits 38
Archon 7
Ad Inside Back Cover
Le Con Committee, nes enfants
List Back Cover

Scans by Matthew Strait

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