Official Souvenir Journal

July 2-4, 1939

Program Book

World Science Fiction Convention

Front Cover
      Official Souvenir Journal

In Memory of: Stanley G. Weinbaum
Personal 2
Listing 3
In Grateful Recognition... RAP Personal 4
Compliments of Amazing Stories
Fantastic Adventures
Ad 5
Compliments of Ralph Milne Farley Ad 6
The Big Three... The Thrilling Group Ad 7
World Science Fiction Convention
Program 8
Greetings from... New Fandom Ad 10
Classic of Fantasy... Famous Fantastic Mysteries Ad 11
Attend... Queens Science Fiction League Ad 12
Compliments of Will Sykora Personal 12
The Original and Foremost Magazine... Weird Tales Ad 13
Willy Ley, Frank R. Paul, David H. Keller, Otis Adelbert Kline, Henry Kuttner
Photos 14
Manly Wade Wellman, Jack Binder, Otto Binder, Stanley G. Weinbaum, Frank Belknap Long Jr.
Photos 15
Greetings From Science Fiction Celebrities Personal 16
Compliments of Newsstand Publications Ad 17
"Calling a Spade a Spade" Science Fiction Magazine Ad 17
Ads 18

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