Program Book

1946 Pacificon Society

July 4-7, 1946

4th World Science Fiction Convention

Collage Goldstone '46 Art Front Cover
Members - 4th World Science Fiction Convention
List 1
Members - The Philadelphia Scienc-Fiction Society
List 3
Compliments The Timebinder Ad 4
Best Wishes Gerry de la Ree Ad 4
Best Wishes Charles Lucas Ad 4
Question Mrs. Carroll Ackerman Ad 5
Best Wishes Fritz Lang Ad 6
In Memory of Jr. Julius Arnold Pohl Ad 6
Greetings Flee Baldwin & Evelyn S. Baldwin Ad 6
Best of Luck Sergeant Saturn Ad 7
Greetings The Four Corners of the World Ad 8
Best Wishes Edgar Rice Burroughs Ad 9
New Books Arkham House Ad 10
First Day - July 4
Program 11
Second Day - July 5
Program 12
Best Regards Mary Gnaedinger Ad 13
Famous Fantastic Mysteries
Ad 13
Compliments of Ron Maddox Ad 14
Best Wishes Virginia Daugherty Ad 14
Fantasy Advertiser Gus Willmorth Ad 14
Members - Eastern Science Fiction Association
List 15
My Name - Right now is Theodore Michael Foster Ad 16
Members - Hyperborean Society of Detroit
Ad 17
In Memory of Paul Freehafer Ad 18
Greetings A. E. van Vogt & E. Mayne Hull Ad 19
STF Fans Forrest & Tigrina Ad 20
Best Wishes Willy Ley Ad 21
Best Wishes Emrys Evans Ad 21
Cordially Tigrina Ad 22
Be Specific J. Wasso Jr Ad 22
Clearspace Ahead J. Harvey Haggard Ad 22
Guests of Honor A. E. van Vogt & E. Mayne Hull Bios Center
The Argus Bookshop Ben Abramson Ad 25
Ad 26
Bertrand Smith, Acres of Books
Ad 27
Kindest Regards David H. Keller Ad 27
Walt Liebscher Ad 27
Ad 28
In Memory of Alden Ackerman Ad 29
California... Julie Unger Ad 30
Los Angeles Science Fiction Society
Ad 31
Tally-ho Andy Anderson Ad 32
Compliments Bob Bradford Ad 32
Ad 33
Best Wishes Henry Kuttner Ad 34
Third Day - July 6
Program 35
Fourth Day - July 7
Program 36
Hadley Books
Ad 37
Ad 38
Compliments National Fantasy Fan Federation Ad 39
List 40
Compliments Dale Hart Ad 40
Best Wishes Trover Hall Publishers Ad 41
Greetings Melvin Korshak Ad 42
I Guess That... Belle Wyman Ad 43
Amazing Stories
Ad 44
Best Wishes The Artisan Press Ad 45
Astounding Science Fiction
Ad 48
David A.Lawyer, Bookseller
Ad Back Cover

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