Presenting QUANDRY's neo-fan of the month


As he presents himself ...

Born: May 26, 1933. About 7:45 ayem. (Really about 7:45 but this is close enuf.)
Weight: 217
Height: 5'9"
Hair & Eyes: Brown
Species: Indeterminate. (Some say I am a Homo Sap. Others keep their traps shut.)
Entered school back in 1938. Am now in the process of escaping from the final clutched of the same school. prepatory to being trapped by collitch.
Have been reading stf since about 1940, when I used to spend muh allowance on WT and muh father used to occasionally buy AMAZING.
I didn't start living 'til the fall of '49 when I first joined Young Fandom and the N3F. Other clubs quickly followed. Up until that time I had never saved a stf mag. In the past year or more I have collected about 250.
Before becoming a fan I bought a mag, glanced at the contents page to see where the shorts were, read them and paid no attention to the authors. Now I look at the contents page to see where the authors are, read the shorts first, then the novels. Now I proceed to trace a new author down thru my pen-name list. Most recent discovery is that Jack Vance is HanKuttner. Mebbe other fen knew it but 'tis new to me.

BOB HOSKINS .................

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