Solstice #1

Pam Parsons

November 1985


In November of 1985 the South Florida Science Fiction Society (SFSFS) published the first issue of it's quarterly clubzine Solstice. The were at least two more issues published.

SFSFS Solstice Gail Bennett Art Cover
The Official Page Joe Siclari
Inside Front Cover
Table of Contents

The Official Do It Yourself Page

      Batteries not Included
From the Center Seat Pam Parsons Editorial 1
I Am Dominick Fraument Verse 11
Science Fiction and the Arms race Gary O. Douglass Article 12
At Death Do Us Part Barbara Tortoricci Fiction 14
The Beauty and the Beast Peggy Genignani Fiction 15
Fixed Object Looking at a Fixed Object Chris Ceraolo Fiction 20
Goodness Gracious, Great Ball of Fire Gerg Zentz Article 21
      or What to do When the Comet Comes
A little Touch of Immortality Pam Parsons Interview 25
      An Interview with Gail Bennett
The End Page Phil Tortoricci & Mike Cowart Art 28
Forgotten Drawing Phil Tortoricci Art Inside Back Cover
Sleeping in the Film Room Phil Tortoricci Art Back Cover

Artwork for this issue provided by:
Mike Cowart
Jose Sanchez
Phil Tortoricci
Pamela Parsons

Cover by:
Gail Bennett

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