Shangri LA

Dave Ossman
Bill Mosleigh

Fall-Winter 1953




Editorial Dave Ossman Editorial 2
Evolution of Science Fiction Art Morris Scott Dollins Article 3
SF in the AF Al Hernhuter Letter 6
Greetings from Japan Tetsu Yanto Excerpt 8
      From a speech givenat the 1953 Westercon
A Menu from the Rocket Inn Bill Nolan Humor 9
The End is Yet William L. Mosleigh Comment 10
      Report from an Unsatisfied Customer
Dr. Kinsey goes to Venus Rory M. Faulkner Verse 11
Drawn and Quatered: II Dave Ossman Comment 12
      Mel Hunter: The artist who just wandered in
The Ray Bradbury Index William Nolan Listing 14

Page scans provided by Tom Veal

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