The enthusiasm which greeted the appearance of NEKRO was greatest among those who know something of the difficulties of amateur publishing, but it will still be shared by anyone who has seen the magazine. To those who haven't, NEKRO is an amateur-produced fanzine, which is faint praise to call 'like a prozine.' Its format, illustrations and contents don't need any allowances made for them. It seems to be characteristic of Banister that whatever he thinks worth doing he does extraordinarily well, but this is really a remarkable feat.

Banister is 36 years old and lives, with his wife and two little daughters, in Kansas City, Missouri. During the war he served for three years with the Marines in the Pacific area where, at Guam, he made the acquaintance of noted fan author Wilkie Conner. In civilian life he worked for some time as continuity writer and director in radio and is now employed as planner and copy writer in the advertising department of a big auto supply company. One of his co-workers, and a friend of the family, is Marjorie Houston, talented author of THE HUMLING in NEKRO 1. Banister himself has been writing since he was thirteen: his published work includes a novel, several stories and novelettes in WEIRD TALES, and numerous articles in other magazines. Recently he has written only for his own amusement, and the ingenious little story in this issue of 'Slant' was the only one he had bothered to submit to a promag in the last two years.

Banister took no active part in fandom until last year, when Mrs. Firestone asked him to join N3F. Since then he has become widely known not only for setting a new standard in fanzine production, but for his generous encouragement and help to aspiring authors and editors. But my own guess is that fandom has still to feel the full impact of this remarkable personality.

Data entry and page scans provided by Judy Bemis

Data entry by Judy Bemis

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