Slant #7

Walter A. Willis

Winter 1952-1953


Winter 1953, 68 pages, Mimeo, 5.5" X 8.5"

Edited by Walter A. Willis, Northern Ireland

Rocket landing on its tail James White Linoleum cut Cover
Editorial Bob Shaw Illo 3
Editorial Walter Willis Editorial 3
I think the guy who sold... Bob Shaw Illo 4
Path of Glory James White Illo:4 5
Path of Glory A. Bertram Chandler Fiction 6
Left at the Post Robert Bloch Article 16
Pierce with pin... Bob Shaw Illo 19
Amateur Ex-Editor Speaks, An Manly Banister Article 20
Traveler's Guide to Great American SF Desert Marjorie Houston Article 27
Fansmanship Illustrated Wrai Ballard Fan Fic. 30
Introduction to the Temple Memoirs Arthur C. Clarke Intro. 31
A La Rechercher du Temple Perdu Bob Shaw Illo:8 32
A La Rechercher du Temple Perdu William F. Temple Article 32
We get outside of gravity we... Bob & Shapiro Shaw Illo 46
Fansmanship Lectures, The Bob Shaw Article 47
      #3 in series
Fantasy Award Chuck Harris Article 50
Judgement of Harris, The Walter Willis Article 52
Stroll Bob Shaw Illo 54
Stroll Bob Shaw Fiction 54
Which Palmer Editorial D'ya Read?
Quote 55B
Mighty Like a Rosicrucian
Comment 55C
New S-F, The A. Vincent Clarke Article 56
New York Letter Ermengarde Fiske Column 59
Inexpensive Fanzine Printing Press, An Bob & Clarke, Vince Shaw Article 60
Prying Fan, The Walt Willis Column 66
Sound the Roar of Rockets Nan Gerding Poetry 67
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Data entry by Judy Bemis. Page Scans by Joe Siclari. Sketchbook from the collection of James Bacon.

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