Spacewarp 38

Art Rapp

May 1950


Nude woman bombarded by rays Nelson, Ray>Ray Nelson Cover Cover
Prelude to Insurgentism Stuart, Charles>Charles Stuart Article 2-3
Book versus Magazine Fiction Tucker, Bob>Bob Tucker Article 4-6
Man with cloak Rotsler, William>William Rotsler Fillo 5
Thoughts on Seeing a Science Ficiton Cover McConnell, Don>Don McConnell Poetry 6
Hanged woman Rotsler, William>William Rotsler Fillo 6
Of Editors and Prophecy Lawrence, Carl>Carl Lawrence Article 7
STF Nelson, Ray>Ray Nelson Fillo 7
Thin Skins Nelson, Ray>Ray Nelson Article 8-9
Extra-Sensory Perception Nelson, Sherman>Sherman Nelson Article 10-11
Beware -- the Lems are here Andrews, George>George Andrews Ad 11
Stereotyped Sirens of Stf, The Craig, Jim>Jim Craig Article 12-13
KonnerÕs Korner Conner, Wilkie>Wilkie Conner Column 14-15
File 13 Boggs, Redd>Redd Boggs Column 16-21
Kan Kan Kabitzer, The Watkins, T. E.>T. E. Watkins Column 21-23
Timber! Rapp, Art>Art Rapp Editorial 23
"1958" Sneary, Rick>Rick Sneary Column 24-26

Text versions by Judy Bemis, page scans by Judy Bemis and Kim Huett

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