Sun Spots V3 N2

Gerry de la Ree

September 1940


Rocket Launch
Art Cover
Editorial #3 Gerry de la Ree Editorial 2
Cover Contest
Article 2
Editorial No. One R. Gaetz Editorial 3
Editorial No. 2 R. Plotkin Editorial 3
Science Fiction in Nebraska D. B. Thompson Article 4
      The Wail of a Lone Fan!
The Way I See It Charles A. Celing Article 5
Record Attendance at the Last Two Meetings of the Solaroids
Article 6
Hock, Caveman Superb, Pt. II
Fiction 7
      Hock Goes to Atlanta
The Trash Basket N. E. Body Article 9
The Ohio Fan
Ad 10
Join the Solaroids
Form 10
Ads 10

Page scans by Edie Stern

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