The Biological Urge and the Future  Phil Rasch              6
       Norman G. Browne: Fan                    Norman G. Browne        22


      Goshwowboyoboy                          Tod Cavanaugh           11
      The Analatical Lavoratory                 Jack Harness            24
      Brass Tracks                              Richard E. Geis         25


     What S-F Means to Me                 Charles Gregory         14
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	                                        Glenn Godwin            20
      The Half-Welcome Guest                      Art Huseboe             13


      DOPRI                                       Norman G. Browne        2
      You Asked?                                Norman G. Browne        3


       Cover                                       Richard Bergeron
       Inside front cover                       Jack Harness
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It would be conceited of me to think that there is no one who know who edits and publishes this magazine. Thus, purely for of such misguided souls, I will list my name and address;

                                                   Norman G. Browne
	                                                13906 - 101A Ave.
	                                                Edmonton, Alta., Canada.

The cost of this magazine is determined by you and you alone. After you have read this issue, I would appreciate you telling me what you think it is worth. In fact you might even go one better and send me what you think it is worth... (??)

Unless you have already signified that you are doing material for me, I must ask that no more material be submitted until further notice.

My sincere apologies to those individuals who expected their material to be published in this issue. Due to lack of space, I had to exclude many fine items -.but they will appear in the next issue! That's a promise!

Vn. is supposidly bi-monthly. (That's a laugh.) Actualy it comes out every 8 to 10 weeks.

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