Seeing as how I have dropped the letter column from this issue and rather than let Jack's good lettering go to waste, I thought I might as well use it here. It fits here - in fact it will fit darn near anywhere. DOPRI is initial language and there is only two other people in the whole of fandom who know what it means. Buy I will be glad to tell you - if you ask me.

The publication of VANATIONS is directly dependent upon my present way of life and environment. Thus, any change in my present way of life will have a corresponding change on VANATIONS . And such a change is about to come to pass.

If present plans go through - and I hope they do - I will be sent down to attend a technical school in the Chicago area. The period I will attend this school will be for one year. I will live in or near the school and will have no outside job or source of revenue. And that's about all I know about this deal - so far.

I will definitly have to suspend publication of Vn. prior to my entering this new career. I can't guarantee to publish Vn. when I have no idea of what factors will be involved in this new career. I can only postualte what my new way of life will be like and feel it best in such a situation to make a clean break. I will thus be able to meet what the future has in store for me; ready and eager to conquer all problems.

Between now and then, I am going to try and publish as may issues of Vn. as possible but I won't guarantee more than two more issues. I won't accept any more subscriptions to Vn. Any money coming in - no matter how small or large an amount - will be put in a general fund and go toward defraying expenses. So you can keep the money rolling in but please don't ask for a subscription. You needn't fear about missing out on any future issues of Vn. because if you are already on my mailing list, you will continue to receive copies.

There is no letter-column in this issue. The letter column in the last issue was an experiment in reader-response and reader-reaction, and as such was a definite success. In other words; YOU'VE BEEN HAD.

I learned early in my fan career that I had the ability to pick out statements and see in them inherent latent possibilities. To me they were "traps" - "traps" which might or might not catch something and the nature of that "catch" was again unknown. They represented a random stimuli depeding wholy on the laws of chance for the type and amount of response they would elicit. In themselves, they were not unknown, but your reaction to them was unknown - and the unknown fascinates me.

As I said, the last letter-column was the best of such experiments into the unknown. The letter-column in the second issue only contained one letter that I thought stood out as an obvious "stimuli". It was by Paul Wyskowski and I was curious as to whether it would elicit any reaction from you. It is past history now that only two people saw anything worthy of comment in it. Alastair Cameron - who Paul directed his remarks to in the letter - began an immediate correspondence with Paul. Guy Sellman saw something in it and wrote me a letter - the one I published last issue.

Again; Sellman's letter, Wyskowski's reply, and my comment were all "stimuli" and boy! did I get a reaction. It was fun - and still is - and I hope you'll forgive me.

Out of all fairness, I should continue the religious discussion that I started in the last issue. But to be fair, I would have to print all material relating to the subject and such material would take up almost the whole magazine. Besides, I have no interest in discussing religion and feel that such discussion has no place in a fanzine. By the way, Paul Wyskowski's letter in the last issue was meant to be read as meaning the exact opposite of what he said.

Regarding all discussions on religion the following question arises; "If there is no God, how will it benefit man to have it proved?"

Oh, yes. There's a few statements made by various people scattered about this issue which to me stand out as possible "stimuli". One such is this editorial. I'm sure many of you will write and comment on it. Another is Neil Wood's last statement on his idea of a fan on page 17. Read it and see if you aren't tempted to write me and comment on it....

Inasmuch as many of you commented on the humorous jokes and filler in the last issue. I feel that egoboo should be given to those who contributed them. My thanks, then, to; Rita Adams, Claude Plum and Janie Lamb.

My thanks also to those of you who sent me Christmas cards. Last year at Christmas time I had all of five fan friends and sent each of them a card. This year, I have 500 fan friends and thus sent none of them a card....

My name is presently on the waiting list for FAPA - Fantasy Amatuer Press Association and it would please me no end if those in charge of PAPA - Pornographic Amatuer Press Association - would also place my name on their waiting list....

"If there is no such thing as Pogo, how will it benifit mankind to have it proved?"

The delay of this issue could be blamed on the weather - 150 miles north of here the temperature went down to 56 degrees below zero. But we in Edmonton were lucky as it only went down to 35 below here....

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