The response to the last issue of Vn., as near as I can figure it, was 87! This is large, the largest yet and somewhat of a record. Unfortunatly it is not the highest on record; Harlan Ellison of SCIENCE FANTASY BULLETIN claims a response of over 90 to one of his issues. Oh, well. Better luck next time.

The following are the number of votes for "best-in-the-issue" and "worst-in-the-issue" respectively. B will stand for Best and the number following it will be the number of votes it got as best, W will stand for Worst, etc.

War Stinks by Bert Hirschorn 24B and 10W. The Visitor by Wally Weber 9B and 7W. The Answer by Clarkson; 3B and 9W. My Adventures on the Moon by Uncle Ronald; 1B and 17W . Contest entries (includes votes for individual entries as being best or worst) 3B and 6W. The Coming by Art Huseboe; 3B. Artwork (includes votes for individual drawings) 10B. DOPRI (includes votes for individual letters) 2B and 4W. You Asked 1B.

Comments: As can be seen, War Stinks was judged as best of the issue and My Adventures on the Moon as worst of the issue. It was a pretty well three-way tie as to the best artist represented, with the cover, the work by Bergeron, and the work by Naaman Peterson all receiving high praise. Two people thought the Editorial was best of the is sue and two people thought the filler-jokes were best. One person thot the questionaire was the best. (??)

In the Contest Entries Vote, Neil Blum got 34 votes; Harlan Ellision 19; George E. Dold 4; Larry Touzinsky 1; and Wally Weber 1 (??). The vote was 42 in favor of giving prizes and 19 against. 53 were in favor of "something about Norman G. Browne" tho not all were in favor of a series of sketches and not all wanted them to be biographical. Only 14 objected to the idea.

Numerous suggestions were received as to ideas for stories or article but I will not print the list at this time as I intend to do some of them myself and they would be more of a surprise that way. Nothing definite came of the questions regarding Ted Sturgeon and his work

Text entry and page scans provided by Judy Bemis

Data entry by Judy Bemis

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