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Like just about all fannish endeavors, conventions also produce many publications. The most common are flyers, Progress Reports, and Program Books. There are many other types as well: newsletters (with frequencies from 1 to 1 a day to 1 an hour), program schedules, souvenir books, Guest of Honor collections, Memory Books, and all sorts of one-time publications. Along with the photos we have from many conventions, these convention pubs can provide a better understanding of the fannish and professional activities at conventions. We'll try to provide as many as we can here. Note to Conrunners: please send us electronic copies of your conventions publications so we can make them available permanently.

-- Joe Siclari
    Fan History Project Coordinator

Entries marked with a [BB] in this table have one or more publications on-line at this site.

Entries marked with a [RB] in this table are links to other sites.

# Con Title Sponsor/Chairman/Editor Date[s] Type Flag
[BB] Anticipation René Walling & Robbie Bourget Aug 6-10 2009 Publications
[BB] AussieCon Three Perry Middlemiss Sept 2-6 1999 Publications
[BB] AussieCon 4 Victorian Science Fiction Conventions Inc Sept 2-6 2010 Publications
[BB] Britain in 97 bid Vince Docherty & Tim Illingworth
[BB] Chicon I Mark Reinsberg Sept 1-2 1940 Program Booklet
[BB] Chicon II (TASFiC) 1952 Convention Committee Aug 30 Sept 1 1952 Publications
[BB] Chicon III Earl Kemp Aug 31 Sept 3 1962 Program Book
[BB] Cinvention The Cincinnati Fantasy Group Sept 3-5 1949 Publications
[BB] Clevention Thirteenth World Science Fiction Convention Committee Sept 2-5 1955 Publications
[BB] ConStellation Michael Walsh Sept 1-5 1983 Crab Feast Handout
[BB] Decomposers, The Mark M. Keller & Sue Anderson
[BB] Denvention I Olon F. Wiggins July 4-6 1941 Publication
[BB] Detention Roger Sims & Fred Prophet Sept 4-7 1959 Publications
[BB] Discon II Jay Haldeman & Ron Bounds Aug 29 Sept 2 1974 Publications
[BB] Hong Kong in 1997 bid

[BB] IguanaCon II Tim Kyger Aug 30 Sept 4 1978 Publications Updated
[BB] Interaction Vincent Docherty, Colin Harris Aug 4-8 2005 Publications
[BB] LA Con IV Christian B. McGuire Aug 23-27 2006 Publications

[BB] Loncon I Ted Carnell Sept 6-9 1957 Progress Report
[BB] LoneStarCon 2 Karen Meschke Aug 28 Sept 1 1997 Publications
[BB] LoneStarCon 3 Randall Shepherd Aug 29 Sept 2 2013 Publications
[BB] MagiCon Joe Siclari, et al Sept 3-7 1992 Publications
[BB] MidAmeriCon Ken Keller Sept 2-6 1976 Publications
[BB] Milwaukee in 1994 bid

[BB] New York in 98 -- Midatlanticon bid

[BB] Nippon 2007 Hiroaki Inoue, Shigeru Hayashida, Shouichi Hachiya, Masaharu Imaok Aug 30 Sept 3 2007 Publications
[BB] Nolacon Harry B. Moore Sept 1-3 1951 Publications
[BB] Noreascon Four Deb Geisler Sept 2-6 2004 Publications
[BB] NorWesCon Donald B. Day Sept 1-4 1950 Publications
[BB] Not Dundalk in 92 bid

[BB] NYcon I: Official Souvenir Journal Sam Moskowitz July 2-4 1939 Souvenir Journal
[BB] NYcon I: TIME Magazine Report unknown July 10 1939 Report
[BB] Nycon I Sam Moskowitz July 2-4 1939 Program Book
[BB] NYcon II David A. Kyle Aug 31 Sept 3 1956 Publications
[BB] Pacificon I 1946 Pacificon Society Aug 30 Sept 1 1946 Publications
[BB] Philcon I: Pubs Index The Philcon Society Aug 30 Sept 1 1947 Index
[BB] Philcon II: Pubs Index 11th World S-F Convention Sept 5-7 1953 Index
[BB] Phoenix in 93 bid Terry Gish
[BB] Pittcon Flyer Chair Dirce Archer Sept 3-5 1960 Publications
[BB] Pittcon Newsletter Editor James Taurasi Sept 3-5 1960 Publications
[BB] Pluto in 87 PR3 bid Jeff Mathews
[BB] San Diego in 87 bid

[BB] Seacon Wally Weber 1961 Publications
[BB] SFCon Lester Cole & Gary Nelson Sept 3-6 1954 Publications
[BB] Solacon Anna S. Moffatt Aug 29 Sept 1 1958 Publications
[BB] Star Wars Roots Alexis A. Gillard May 27 1978 Playbill
[BB] Syracon Flyer Jay K. Klein & David A. Kyle
[BB] Titanicon in 2012 bid Jay Freeman & Yvonne DeGraw
[BB] Torcon 3 Peter Jarvis Aug 28 Sept 1 2003 Publications
[BB] Tulsa in 88 bid

[BB] Zagreb in 1993 bid


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