Stratus SF SIG News, May 1988-February 1993

E-Zine Compiled and Circulated by Laurie D. T. Mann

What is this and why did I add it to the FANAC Web site? This doesn't rate an an "important fanzine," and I bet it's not at all unique.

Back in the "olden days," sometimes people were interested in what was going on on the Internet but did not have time or access to get inolved. Some of us who were involved would provide news from the Internet in a simple digest form. I got Internet access in April of 1988, and, by late May, ran a newsletter about science fiction at Stratus Computer. So I'm putting it here just a record. It's mostly unedited, except for making E-mail addresses unreadable to spam harvesters and deleting repeated material. All errors are my own.

The focus of the newsletter was SF happenings of interest to folks living in Massachusetts, so there's an emphasis on Boskone and Readercon and on news about writers and Worldcons.